My Diving Background

It all started in 1993….

When I grew up my parents did not have so much money, we had money to food and rent and stuff so we were not poor, but they had not enough for expensive hobbies like diving.

I have always had big dreams, and in some strange reasons I have manage to fulfil my dreams or most of them any way.

So when I was younger I decided that I am going to start scuba diving, and I showed mum and dad catalogues with dive gear and they said, you can always keep dreaming, and patted me on my head.

When I was in my 8 th grade in school, we went out for a week to a workplace and worked there for a week, just to feel how it was. I went to a dive shop in my hometown and when the week was over I asked if I could get a summer job. They said that I could and the whole summer of 1994 I worked in the dive shop, filling tanks and selling fins and masks. As a payment I got my PADI Openwater plus Advanced diver certificate and my parents was really proud of me for getting a real job and fulfilling one of my first dreams.

Working in the store I read a lot of magazines about diving abroad and I read a lot about the Great Barrier Reef, which was considered one of the worlds best dive sites, which awaken a new dream, to go to Australia and dive at the GBR.

Again my parents said, good luck…

I started High school and in my second year there, I started up a dive club, and we were pretty successful, though we taught 16 students to dive and another 9 to become advanced divers.

I finished high school in June 97 and during the Swedish summer I took my Rescue diver certificate. For you guys how are not rescue divers, and thinking of taking the course I can say, it is heaps of fun and you will learn a lot from it i.e. you will become a better diver.

Almost a year after that July 98, during my service in the Swedish Marine Corp, I took my Divemaster certificate, that again is also a really good course. And it about this time I decided not to become a Naval Officer but in fact a marine biologist, and were is a better place to do it than in the middle of Paradise?

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