Norway 1996

Our final year in High school and the seniors were going to Norway. We went up to place called Krossbu in Jutenheimen, which is Norway’s’ highest mountain ridge. Because I am writing this in 2001 I can only apologise that my memory have not stored all information as a computer would have done.

However, I have some pictures I love to share with you and I can talk a bit about them. Hope you feel the just enormous atmosphere you only feel when up in the mountains.

You and Nature, kind of way!


I am for sure going up again one day, even if it’s not for a couple of years.

Want to join me?

I’ll never forget what our teacher told us when we just jumped into the bus at the end of the week, he said; “You cannot tell other people when you come home that you have been out in the Norwegian mountains, because such wonderful weather does not exist in the mountains, and therefore haven’t experienced the ‘real’ mountains”.

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