Australia – February 1999

This has happened

It started yesterday, I went home to Martin in Helsingborg, and we talked, played computer games ( QuakeII and NHL99 ) all night. In the morning before we had time to go to bed, my parents picked me up and we drove to Copenhagen airport and I checked in.

Well, there was more to it than that, during the night there had been a snowstorm in Helsingborg and 10-15 cm snow had covered everything. When we arrived at the airport, we had plenty of time because I calculated that it would be calmer that way.

When I left my luggage I thought that I would get a major fee for extra weight, you are allowed to have 20 kg, I had 30… But the girl behind the desk was nice and there was no fee.

I took goodbye from my parents and my sister and I walked towards the costumes and there I had to unzip my rucksack because the costumes thought that my SOG tool was dangerous and she wanted to see the knifes within the tool… When she realize there was no harm she told me it was okay, and I could go to gate..

I walked and walked and walked, I looked at some tables which said “Boarding” which means “Hurry up!!!” and then I walked some more and I became sweaty. I looked at some new tables I pasted and they told me “Closed” and that means “Sorry pal, wait for the next plane!! ” and then I reached the gate and luckily they had not closed it yet..

Sweaty like after an Hockey practice I entered the huge plane and the flight hosts told me the wrong seat number so when I arrived into the area nearest the back of the plane I found out that there was somebody sitting on my seat.. But every thing fixed it self very rapidly because they had looked on my Singapore-Brisbane ticket not on my Copenhagen-Singapore…

I sat down at seat number 51F ( in the middle of the middle ), had an apple juice or two and then we took of out from Scandinavia and to the South-east Asia. After a while was I a sleep, I woke up after an hour or two and ordered some food and eat breakfast just over Baghdad. And by the way I had a snack just over India, and lunch over Kuala Lumpur and Thailand. We got a little bag of hygiene products, (toothbrush, paste and a par of socks. )

We arrived at Singapore Airport at 0700 am, or 0000 Swedish time. The captain told us that it was 25 degrees Celsius outside and some humidity. I brushed my teeth and changed clothes in an public toilette and locked my hand luggage in a security locker.

I took a cab into the city for SIN $18.30 ( Sing dollars ) it was a nice cab ride through the palm alleys into town and he took me to city center were all of the technical stores was. The stores didn’t open until 10 and some didn’t open at all.

I did a walk about in the streets and found a souvenir shop and bought an Asian “statue” about 8 cm tall and green, it looks like a fishtail with a lion head.. and under it, it says “Singapore” I took a detour into a cathedral and inspected it, but Champ Sylleces in France was much more to talk about..

Stupid me, I forgot my camera in the security locker at the airport, so no pictures of Singapore city.. They say that this is the cleanest city in the world. I believe them. But the whole town stinks, stinks like a festival, liquor, sweat, fumes from cars and buses and this so called food.. It made me almost puke.. really, it really stinks.

If you just take a fast glance at there lunch you would feel your breakfast in you throat so I eat some lunch at McDonalds in City, Big Mac Meal for 30 Swedish or SIN $5,35 then I felt tired so I went back to the Airport, trough some subway, and then a Cab, this time the cab cost SIN $5,80.

After a while I found my locker and none had stolen my computer and stuff.. So now I am at Singapore Airport or Changi Airport if we should be correct. Here is places were you can sit down and write on your computer and get power for free.. here is a special room with internet, were you can go in and hire a computer 1/2 hour for $4 and 1 hour for 6… expensive..

The time is 14.45 now and my flight lifts 21.15 and starts boarding 20.45, six hours left..

And the time at home is -7 hours = 07.45 am I slept about 8 hours since Saturday morning.. ( 62 hours ago ).

I´am going to lock my stuff in so I can take a little nap

I continue when I get to Brisbane… From Stefan, Changi Airport over and out.

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