Australia – February 1999

990210 I have done quite some in my first day in Brisbane, I had time to walk around and look at things you don’t have time to do if you are just passing by. I open two bank accounts on Australia’s oldest bank; Commonwealth bank of Australia So now I can transfer my money to Australia, when ever I want. I joined Greenpeace Aus.

Not as an sponsor but as an activist who really does something about the environment, for example, the Great Barrier reef outside Brisbane to Cairns there is dead reef km after km and I think this so tragic not only because I love diving , but this is the worlds biggest living organism, and we are killing it.

Ooh, yes, I forgot to tell you … My backpack wasn’t with the flight so I should call tomorrow and cheek for it..

But it feels really nasty to not have so many clothing to change between. I spoke to my friend Isa today and we decided to meet up at the tourist information hut downtown tomorrow afternoon so we could talk about whatever.

And for my friends in Sweden who use to follow the series of JAG, Judge Advocate General Corp ( Heder o Samvete) I can tell you that I have seen the follow up to the ending of last year, you know when Harm and Sarah was hijacking a MiG29 and was shoot down over Russia.

Those of you who would like to know how it went for Harm and Sarah just ask me and I tell you.

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