Australia – February 1999

990214 It’s Sunday today and can hear a church play there hymns outside my window, I got home late last night after I’ve been to the Desperate & Dateless Ball at Dreamworld little south of Brisbane… (like Disneyland but smaller)

The Ball was a BALL !!!! REALLY OKAY !!! It was so good that I will go next year too..

For those who does not know what this is I tell you, it’s like a blind-date ball first you apply with a special form and send it in, then a computer matches you up with a date and then send out your telephone number to your date..

Then you have to meet your date outside of the ball and go in as a couple. If you like you can decide who you like to go with (boyfriend/girlfriend) or you can go in-groups.

If you are a little late with your application form you might not get a date.. BUT..

95% of all dates get dumped just inside, and that’s the whole plan, to meet people..

There was 2000? People at this years ball and it was quite fifty fifty on girls and boys.

This was a paradise for us lonely boys, there were some quite Desperate girls who hadn’t got any for a while.

The whole thing cost $75 AUD (375 SEK) and then you’ll get loads of beer, wine, food, soda (for sissies), it was all free and you were allowed to do any ride you like.. I did Thunderbolt (Roller coaster), Tower of Terror (a cart who you will be thrown up to a tower and gravity stops you and then you’ll go backwards really awesome).

Before I left my hotel last night, the hotel manager told me “you lousy tourist, you leave our Australian girls alone, you hear?!?!?!” and then burst of in a laugh

He said the same thing this morning and then I told him that I went home alone, he change quick and said very compassionately; “I’m sorry to hear that mate..”

Ooh I forgot the whole ball you were dressed in a Tux. or penguin suite for the boys and ball dresses for the girls. Can you see in front of you? 2000 people dressed up to a ball at an entertainment park drinking loads of beer and going for the rides!!!!



I’ll tell you a secret; I’m going next year too..

Today I’m going to pack my things and have a final chat with my friend Isa, `cause tomorrow am I leaving for Townsville!!!

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