Australia – February 1999

990221 Now have I been in Townsville for quite some time.( a week tomorrow and I have made some friends all ready, my friends are 2 American girls; Kate and Sara, both of them are studying Marine Biology.

I was supposed to pick up my keys to my new flat yesterday but my VISA card has been demagnetized or something. so I cant get any money out from it… Yeah, just what I thought, really funny to be stuck on the other side of our planet and you cant get a hold of your well earned money…

I heard that there was another Swede who also should study MB so I looked forward to see her…

When met her, she told me she was from Landskrona which is just a 30 minutes bus ride from were I lived in Sweden!! Small world…

If anybody who works at CSN in Sweden, or some of you out there know some who does please tell them that they have to give International students more funding because it’s not easy to live abroad with a tuition fee at AUD $14500.

Alright, have a good one till next time..

Hello, my friends!!! These couple of days who has passed has been so horrible..

As I told you my VISA card didn’t work so I had to call Sweden, to my bank to blah la la… a lot of places but they couldn’t help me…So I’m stuck here and can not access my money in Sweden, …

The normal phrase is; “sorry mate we cant help you….”

Well I think the gods are testing me if I am really sure of what I am doing… and they succeeded because I really started to think about everything, what I am doing here and can I do this, I mean;

Move away from my parents

Move to another country

Speak another language

Mingle with another culture

And last but not least, the climate we have about 29-35 degrees Celsius every day and it has a reason why they call it The Sunshine-state ( Queensland )

We was told to learn the three S:es, they are Slip, Slap and Slop. Witch means Slip on a shirt, slap on a cap an slop on some sunblock. And they have a reason … Townsville has the highest rate of skin-cancer in whole world…

And you maybe noticed that its sunblock not sunscreen, you want to block it all out and not just screen it.

Back home we use, SPF 5-8 and maybe sometime up to 12. Here we use SPF 30+, notice the +…

I made my final enrolment today and it ended up like this;

First Semester; I took Botany, Zoology, Earthscience and Chemistry

Second Semester; Cell biology, genetics and cell development, Ecology and evolution, Environmental sciences and last but most important; Marine Biology. Each semester is 13 weeks and the first one starts on 1. March and ends 4. June then its like 3 weeks of exams…

One-month vacation and we start 2. semester the 2. August and goes until the exams starts at the 5. November

And we have almost three month of vacation, and during those three month (Dec, Jan and Feb) we are going to do heaps of crazy stuff.

I was on the Aquarium this Saturday and if you don’t know about the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium you really have to read this…

Now, you from back home think that they have small colourful fishes in very small aquariums and you go round look at them, but it’s really not like that at all.

We are talking a huge, really huge tank of water, I think it was about 6 meters deep, 20 meters wide and 12 meters long, were they put a big rock in and planted many different spices of coral, and then they have a bunch of separate fishes I cant recall the names of them but it all lived in harmony, they had a big wave machine so the coral swiped back and forwards, they had placed some chairs just in front of this huge window to the sea, I could sit there for ages.

Then they had a predator tank with some sharks in it and this giant fish, it was like 2 meters long and had a mouth that could eat me alive if it just wanted to…

When we look at it and the fish looked back we start to think about out on reef and dive there and you meet a giant whale, I mean a 8 meter whale is not unusual. If you think about a fish who are as long as 3 parked cars you start to realize that that’s big !!!!

Oh well see you in the future….

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