Australia – April 1999


Oh oh oh, times passes by so very fast and before you know it, you have become grey haired and grandpa.

NO, I haven’t become a father but ahh, you know what I mean… life is to short for feeling sad and go around and mope, sooo always look on the bright side of life ta da, ta da da da dadi.

It’s a month ago I wrote an updated the homepage, so I feel bad not doing so for my friends, and by the way… have you seen the number of visitors!!!

We past the hundred last week!!


Thousands of thanks to all of you guys!!

Now you wonder what has happened??

The 8th week is just around the corner and it brings two mid-semester tests, one Earth-Science (geology), and one revision in Zoology.

I had and still have something against rocks, sounds funny?

Well, the thing is a rock is rock, and will always be that…

But our geology professors don’t think so, they think that the rocks got it’s own life..

I should really study for the tests, but it’s so boring so I need a break..

It was taken at our Swedish dinner we had, we invited Kate and Sara to eat new potatoes, herring, some Swedish meatballs and Swedish vodka.

Sara loved the herring and the vodka.. 🙂

But Kate didn’t really like it..

Kate and Sara come from the States and are really funny friends…

Much has happened since I wrote last… as you might understand I have had the busiest times ever…

E.g. I have been out on the Yongala wreck and did 8 dives. Yongala is famous all over the world to be one of the five best wrecks. (Read more about it under the ‘Hobbies’ button.)

During the dives we saw Bullshark (one of the three most dangerous sharks in the world), Bullrays, seaturtles, coraltraut, sea-snakes (most venomous snakes in the world, it takes about 40 minutes before your heart and lounges stops working = true death, due to the transport range from Yongala…) and millions of other coral fish. The Yongala is a burial ground so you have to respect the dead who still is in the old wreck, the history of the ship is it sank in 1912 and it was a kind of ferry, and transported people…

Now a days you’re not allowed to dive into the wreck because the bubbles makes the tree starts to rot, and the iron starts to rust.

And if you do dive into it, and been caught you will be asked to leave Australia immediately and you are not likely to get an Australian visa ever again!!

They are quite hard on issues like that; the same thing is about working without a working visa.

If you’ll ever get over here the Yongala is definitely worth a visit!!

Between the 1st and 9th I’m going out on Hook Island which is an island out in the Whitsunday’s, MacKay and straight out in the pacific.

A really paradise Island those back home who has seen Robinson, well it more deserted than that…I can promise you that there will be pictures of that later when we get back.

Kindness is the language, which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

— Mark Twain

Now you think what was that??

I didn’t know when to paste it so I thought I paste it there so you can have something to think about when you are here on my pages…

That’s it for this time and I hope you’ll send me some funny emails to me, so I can reply to you guys…

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