Australia – May 1999

Hello, all my friends

I just got home from Hook Island which was a ball!!!

Hook Island is one of the biggest islands in the Whitsunday’s which is the island system between Bowen and MacKay

I think I’ll start from the beginning …

Last Saturday we went down to Airlie Beach, and stayed overnight at a backpacker hostel and some of our group was out in Airlie and partied all night while others took it easy because of the early rise the day after. The Sunday started with a unpacking of our trailer and ute, and then we waited for our two boats to arrive, so we could pack them and head of to Hook Island!!! The boats was a kind of big rubber boat like the fire department in Sweden has and some coastguards…

The boat trip took 40-45 minutes and it was a pleasure ride !! Beautiful weather and not to high waves.

When we got to this deserted island we quickly unloaded the two boats. The skipper wished us a good week and said “see you on Saturday and hope you’ll have a great time”, left there on an island all by our selves, we started to organise our camp site, how everything were supposed to work during the week.

Me and Martin had a tent for our selves and we rose it very fast and jumped into our wetsuits and into the water. We were first in of all 23 divers and after 10 minute diving I thought, this is not good, really not good!!! It was the diving that was not very good, the visibility was like 5 meters and the place it self, corals and stuff was not really special. You could say that I was deeply disappointed at the conditions and when we went up I as not in a really good mode…

So the week did not start out very well.

And the rain and the hard wind didn’t really help either…

But it turned a bit, due to the expectations became more and more buried under the circumstances. I had bought a disposable UV-camera in Airlie Beach and later that week I went out on a photo dive and took some pictures with it but I don’t know how they will develop.

During the week there was a numerous amount of boats who was tied up to some buoys in the bay and was scuba diving, we were not happy about that because we wanted the bay to our selves.

So Nick mentioned as a joke that we could make a practical joke to one of the boats and / or “blow it up”. I thought that was a good idea and under the week I wore a sweater which I got as an memory from my service, and it said “Swedish Marines” on it, this led to everybody thought I was trained for missions like that and they were expecting some action from my side.

I felt the pressure and I felt like I had to do something, because I have been talking to much about it (as usually).

The 3rd of May on the evening around 8.30 p.m. (at night) the time was in, to prove my skills and hold the colours of the Swedish Marine Corp high, as we -me and Bob, an American- was going out on a nightdive, and thought we might as well drop in at the boat, and I felt that I had to bring something back from the boat otherwise they would not believe what I’ve done.

After 10 minutes we were straight under the boat and I wrote on my board to Bob, asked him if he wanted to come with me or if he would wait there for me..

He was scared and wrote:

You can get in Big trouble…

And asked him again if he wanted to come or not..

He said okay and we ascended and when we had about 5 meters left we turned our torches of and slowly grabbed on to the buoy and I said; you stay here and I leave my BCD with you and I’ll be right back..

He said that I would take it easy, and I also heard that he didn’t think it was a very good idea..

I left my BCD at the buoy and swam on the left side of the boat looking for a latter to climb up for, I found it and very slowly I pulled my self up and looked around and saw some people in the back and I thought, well I can do it in two ways, either go up on the boat and maybe expose my self to them or show them my presence which also will scare them…

I chose the last one because it was the easiest and most diplomatic way…

I yelled out; Good Evening from the back and all of them became very silent, and yelled again, then I heard them moving and I saw somebody leaning over and looked down on me…

He just looked; he didn’t know what to say…

I told him that I was one of the divers on the island and that we had a bet, of swimming out to there boat and that I needed something as a proof for me being there.

First they wanted to give me a empty beer can but I told them a full one would be even better.. After some persuasion I got a can of XXXX (an aussie beer). I thanked them and head of back to my gear were Bob was waiting.

When I showed him the beer he was surprised and said:

You didn’t do it??? You didn’t do it?? Over and over again..

After that he said, YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!

We continued our dive and when we got to the shore again we went up the people who was sitting and had watch our dive and start to take of our equipment and started talking about the dive in general everything but the boat thing, and when we were finished I took out my beer that I had got from the boat and said; oh I forgot, we took I detour around the boat.. and gave them worlds biggest smile..

They went like, you did what???

You didn’t !!!!

-well, yeah..

You didn’t!! Did you ??

-tasty beer…

After this I had some explaining to do…

They wanted to know everything and I stuck to the truth as far as possible BUT, it was not time to tell them the whole truth, because then everything would be ruined..

So both me and Bob told them that I was up on the boat and grabbed the beer which was half true because I was up on the boat when I made the recognisance but I never saw any beers there as I told everybody, and when I grabbed the beer I was also half way up because he didn’t want to through it in.

So I didn’t exactly lie to them I just bended to truth as it fitted me the best.

Now when I write this only two persons in Australia knows about the whole truth except the lads on the boat, and they are Martin and Jenny (a Swedish student )…

All other persons who feels that the been mistreated or something I am making an Public apology through Internet which is that media some 80 million people have access to so I make the biggest apology I can make…

SORRY… : )

Many things happened during the week and I cant tell you everything about it, but I will tell you about two more things, and that is about the diving and about my hundred dive.

I start about the diving, as I told you before I was disappointed at the coral and environment at first but when you stop thinking about that, and started to dive for a reason, the reason could be, looking for something special, such as nudybranches, or any other animals.

When we started that it became more fun and when I heard that there was a lot different things down there, like leopardshark, scorpionfish, lionfish, seaturtles, batfish, and bunch of other cool fish.

The 6th of may it was turn to find some rays and we also found the leopardshark as it was sleeping under some cover and we just knocked on the door and asked if we could come in and watch him…

So if we see the week from a biological point of view it was really okay.

Now you wonder what about your hundred dive…

On the second day I made friends with Bob that I’ve told you about and Nicole that was from Canada and as I said Bob from the States. Due to this I spent a lot of time talking to them and Nicole asked me how many dives I’ve done and I said 87 as I had done then, then she told me that everybody has to do the hundred dive nude…

And as the time and dives pasted by and I was closing to my hundred, everybody knew that I was close…

The same day as I saw the leopardshark I’d done 4 dives already and was on my 99th and I thought either take the 100th dive as a nightdive so it would be dark when I got up or more embarrassing a day dive the day after…

Not really a hard choice, so I went for the nightdive and saw a scorpionfish which is very venomous so it felt a little special when I saw due to my suit that God had given me…

I can tell you when I was going in the water, everybody as on beach…

All 23..

But it was not so bad really…

I been in colder waters and it was about 21 degrees in the water so..


Today it’s all set for me to move and the new place is really beautiful, I moving in June right after the exams and it will be nice to move away from that dark place I live in now.

It’s no longer a secret that me and Martin don’t really get along, we are too different and that’s one of the reasons we are going different ways, and that I think will be good for both of us.

I will get some photos taken on the new place to so just hang in there and you’ll see this beautiful house, and it’s really close to Uni. too, takes about 5 minutes bike ride to get there..

All exams are closing and heaps of study is on, now it time to wake up the brain cells and smell the coffee, or something..

I meet a Danish girl in one of our pracs, she was a tutor and help us, she came from Copenhagen and I saw my opportunity for some personal help with the exams..

She wanted to help me out with all the different terms and phyla’s of all the plants, ferns, fungi, algae and other stuff..

She is doing her PhD. in fungi (svampar in Swedish).

Otherwise, I noticed that Nymans & Schultz is really bad travel planners, What ever you might do in your life don’t book you flight through them!!

I have sent about 15 e-mails, but haven’t still got any answers… – BAD SERVICE!!

Have to go to a prac class but see you soon..

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