Australia – June 1999

G’day mates!!

How’s it going??

This month did not pass without any sweat wiped away by a very tired hand…

The school stopped and the exams started, with a week of study in between.

But I had some over, or more like I took time to go and see some icehockey team play at the ice-skating rink.

I had some feelings of how the rink would look like, and how good they would be.

When I got there I felt like I have been there before…the rink look exactly like I thought it would!! SCARY!!

When I got in there the cool breeze from the ice greeted me and I felt like home!! A very nice feeling, and at the same time the players jump on the ice and they started to skate some passing exercises and I saw then that they were Not very good. But Australia is not an icehockey nation, so their poor show on the ice is excused, and by the way, the rink is large as one zone in a European rink. So it is not large!! I found out later that this is the ONLY ICE-SKATING RINK IN THE WORLD THAT IS SITUATED IN THE TROPICS. So nobody can expect too much of the Aussies playing here. I talked to some of the guys but did not say anything about me playing, and after that I decided to bring my hockey gear with me back to the next semester.

So nothing really exiting has happened and I am still waiting for my exam results, which are, released the 19 th of July.

I don’t want bore you guys with that, exam history so I will tell you little about my plans for X-mas and New year 2000!!

I made a good friend, with April, an other marine biology student that originates from Sydney, and invited me over for the X-mas holiday included new year.

As you can imagine this will be THE PARTY!!

Last year they blew up about $10 million!! And they told everybody; You have seen nothing yet!! So this year they are to blow up a lot more of the tax payers money, so they can “practice” before the Olympics in Sydney in a year.

The 23 rd I went back to Sweden to visit my parents and some friends, and before I went I bought a really good camera, which you guys will notice in the way of better pictures at the homepage, or so I hope anyway..

It was a Pentax MZ-50, for you guys who are interested in photography.

I have had BIG problems with my computer the last couple of months and I finally think I got the problems straighten out.

I have still a problem that is a little sad, that is I cant use my scanner though the software to it interfere with something else, and jams up the whole computer!!

So it will take a little longer before you can see the nice pictures from June.

As many of you know I went back to Sweden for almost 4 weeks, I will tell all about those 4 weeks in “The July History”.

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