Australia – July 1999

Hi Everybody!!!

As I wrote in the “The June History”, I took a flight home to surprise some friends and most of all my parents.

The flight home went really fast though I flew “back” in time and I “saved” 8 hours. This time I flew with Qantas Airways, and SAS. First I flew up to Cairns, (1 hour flight) where I spended little more than 7 hours which was more than enough though I did not know what to do, I went to Cairns Aquarium, and watched the shark feeding, and some other, interesting stuff… They claimed that Cairns Aquarium was bigger than Townsville Aquarium. Which I can tell you it’s not, so if you pass by sometime go to T’villes Aquarium instead of Cairns.

From there I flew to Singapore, (7:55 hours) with a stop in Darwin to let on some people, in Singapore me and Jennifer, also a Marine biologist – “gonna-be”, are little stamp-horny J though we wanted to have as many stamp in our passports as possible… So even though I just had a 2-hour transfer, we decided to go out just out side the terminal and go back in again, then we would get two stamps, one on the way in and one on the way out of the country.

When we got we were meet by 80-90% humidity and very warm climate!!! I told Jennifer to go back direct but then she thought that we should at least sit down somewhere so she could have a cigg. I tried to take some photos but they didn’t come out well, though the humidity fogged the lens up all the time…

Back inside, we split because my flight went to London Heathrow, and she was going to Stockholm.

When I landed 13.5 hours later in London, at the very early hour, 05:15 it was raining and it was about 12 degrees centigrade. Though I only stayed in London for 1.5 hour I did not have time to go into the city. The next flight was our own Scandinavian Airlines or more known as SAS. Nothing really to brag about though I did not like the service on neither SAS nor Qantas. I have found out that all the Asian airlines, -which there are a few- have much better service in the whole plane not only in Business class and First Class, for an example Singapore Airlines that I flew down to Australia with, have everybody on-board a personal TV in the seat in front of them, and around 15 TV-channels and around 7 radio channels !!! You can choose from three different dishes when they are serving food, and it really good food to!! And hear this, they are much cheaper than the western airlines like SAS, Qantas and KLM.

I landed 2 hours later in Sweden at 09.40 Tuesday morning, and it was a really nice weather but very chilly winds. But I did not think I would ever say this but puhh, we got HOT CHICKS in Sweden, I do not know if all those who were strolling around in Helsingborg when I got there was tourists or not but I almost did not know were to go or look. I am not saying there is no hot chicks in Australia, I am just saying you don’t bump into that many in such a short time as here… So no offence my US and Aussie friends…

When I was home I tried to visit and say hello to as many I could.. friends that is, but for those I mist, I am sorry and I hope I can meet you guys in January instead. While I was home, I earned some money, was out partying and went to a class reunion from my class from the 4 th to the 9 th grade. Because it was 5 years ago we finished. The re-union was held at Kristina Jönsson’s parents place though it was her and Carolin Bengtsson who arranged it all, the food was terrific I have a feeling that it was her mom that was the cook. I know that I told you that I loved it so I tell you again so your mom will get really happy. It was really nice to meet everybody again, and I hope you guys will arrange something in another five years!!!

The 25 days that I was home went by really fast, and I wonder now with the answers in my hand if I ever would gone home…

Not that I don’t appreciate my friends or family ’cause I do, but I don’t know…

The 19 th the marks were released from my university and I checked them out as soon as they were released on the net. Where I found out that I could relax, though the Botany exams that I thought was a clear failure was not!! And I also found out now when I have got down here again that I was better than Martin in Zoology!! Smile which was one of my goals..

Even though I believe that he has better than me in some other subjects…

The flight down went all right even though it was VERY long!!

The flight was from Copenhagen to London Heathrow (2hours), but this time I had some time between the flights so I took the underground into City, and saw, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, The Parliament house, and Trafalgar square. I will show you some pictures of this as soon as I get my scanner to work again.

Then I put my poor arse in seat of the flight to Melbourne and that took, 21.5 hours !!!! I can tell you it was a long trip, even though I was sleeping like 15 hours or so of those 21.5.

I stayed in Melbourne for wholly 2 hours… and then it was time again, this time to Cairns, 3 hours and 15 min., and the 4 hours I spend waiting in Cairns was I think the longest 4 hours I ever experienced, it was longer than that night I spended in a concrete “mortar shelter” in Umeå in northern Sweden when I was up there on a military training waiting for orders to shoot with the mortars, that as really cold and boring but this was worse though I could not sleep because I had to guard my camera bag and laptop bag so nobody could steal them.

After an hour flight to Townsville I was home and took a Taxi home. Then it was three o’clock in the afternoon.

After I biked to Subway (a food-chain that sells baguettes with filling) and bought some food, and ate I passed out at 7 and woke up at 3 am because it was so damn cold that I had to take my fleece-jacket I use to use when its like 0 degrees outside!! As a blanket, usually I use only the quilt-cover as a blanket.

After being up like 3 seconds in that freezing cold room I was wide awake!! All though so tired!!! So after a half hour I gave up the thoughts about sleeping so I went up and tried to mend my computer. I was finished at 6am and went back to sleep then cause the sun had gone up and the candle I light was warming the whole room. Did not go up until noon.

And the days I have had here since I got here I have been at Uni. and enrolled in a fifth subject and found out my time table and talked to my old Zoology teacher and little that and little that… with other words relaxing!!

Ohh, I forgot, on the Monday I called up the ice skating rink and asked if they still played hockey on Monday nights…

And the fellow answered; yeah, we do ! We start in a half-an-hour

I convinced him to pick me up and we played very hard NON-contact icehockey!!! They asked if I was staying or just passing by Townsville and they shined up when I told them I as a student I loved to play hockey for the coming Townsville Icehockey Club!!

I think many of you sleep in front of the screen now so better stop here.

Have a great time wherever you are or wherever you are going.

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