Australia – October & November 1999

October – Wow!!!!

As I have written before, this semester has been fabulous!!!

Everything that I ever wished for has come true!!! I can’t believe it’s true myself, I have to pinch myself in my arm – Ahh – guess it’s not a dream after all. Now you all wonder what has happened. Ever since I was a little boy I dreamt about play among the “big guys” in the national hockey team. And now I have got a chance to do exactly that, even if the country is not Sweden, it is still a honour of such gratitude to represent Australia that I can’t explain it.

Everything else I put my efforts in has gone my way, it feels like I am on a big wave, and as I said to my parents, I hope that I don’t fall off in a very long time!

So, what has happened in October then?

Some reports, more assignments and other homework, exams starts the 15th of November so there are some weeks left, it will most likely be the same procedure as last semester. I.e. bury my self in my books and try to understand the importance of genetics, cell development, ecology & evolution, marine science, environmental science and information technology.

More things that might be fun to know is that I was elected to Vice-president for the Universities largest club, the JCU Diveclub. I have been involved in the club for some time now and Jody, thought that I would fit good as a vice-president, and learn more about the club and maybe next year take the roll as the President.

The weekend after I was at a party at Jody’s because the new Strand was rebuilt and re-open for the public after a 29 Million dollar facelift!!! (About 156 Million Swedish) The evening was finished of by fireworks and after that when the fireworks were over. Everybody that had the radio turned on, on Triple J heard them play the anthem for TOP GUN and nobody understood anything. Until a fighter plane from the local RAF (Royal Air Force) squadron flew by on very low altitude with it’s after burner on so it looked like the flame from the Batmobile. For you guys who hasn’t seen Batman I can tell ya’ it was AMAZING!!
I do hope that you all appreciate the update and rebuild of the site, the restructure of the site. It’s mostly due to the that I had an assignment in my CP1030 (introduction to information technology) course, and therefor I got some time to put into updating and restructure the whole site.

Hope you all have a nice October and I’ll see you again in November, till then,

Australia – November 1999

November – Woops, time flies!!

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