Australia – January 2000

January 2000!! **Millenium Change**

7-6-5-4-3-2-1 – 2000!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR was everybody screaming when the whole city of Sydney went on fire and especially the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House! The half an hour fireworks were so stunning so when we talk about them afterwards we couldn’t find words to describe them. After more discussion about the firework we came and think of the word WOW!!!

I had an American behind me where I was and took the midnight photos and he and his girlfriend was just screaming and screaming, saying words like wooooiiii!! And yelled out: Screw New York!! This is the place, this is the place to be, and we are just in the middle of it!!! He gave me some really good Champagne and shook my hand and wished me a Happy New Year!

The three Police officers that stood on the Jetty with us were also offered some Champagne of the happy American. The officer in the late 20 replied surely for all three of them when he said; Look mate, you have no idea how much I want to have some! And the American said, we won’t tell! J The officer said thank you but had to decline due to he being in service. All three of the officers was wished a happy new year and I think they enjoyed the feeling as much as we did!!

I heard later that the head of the Sydney Police told the press that it had been a very peaceful New years celebrations which is good start of the new millennium.

You might have seen on the TV how it looked like so you might have a feeling for how it must have been experienced! Unbelievable!! As you know my scanner is F–ked so I have to solve the photo issue in and other way so I am going to get the photos on CDs so it’s easy to upload to the homepage. Please have a look in the Gallery to see what I saw and experience the absolutely wonderful city of Sydney. If I am going to move somewhere to a larger city I would not mind moving to Sydney, it such a beautiful city where you can find all necessary thing you need in life!

1 of January 2000!!!!! Can you believe that?

This is a day many have feared and thought could be the dooms day of earth…

I started the Millennium by hiking about 15 km, from Milson’s Point to Manly Beach. It took us 3.5hours and what we thought we get out of that was to witness the first sunset in the civilized world in the new millennium. After arriving to Manly around 4pm we sat down and rested for a couple of hours so the sun would rise. During this period of time I went for some walkabouts around Manly Beach and at 5am I called home to wish my mum and dad and Happy New Millennium it was then 7pm back home in Sweden. They had also witnessed the spectacular fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and over the Opera House that lasted for 30 minutes. I can’t believe I took that many photos!! I have taken like 7 or 8 rolls of film in Sydney and New years Eve only I took 3.5 rolls!! This is going to be the expensive part when I get home to develop them all, but I’m sure that it will be worth it! Priceless memories!

My self is @ the moment enjoying a flight from Sydney to Tokyo, and I was happily surprised to find out that the plane was almost empty. The guy who checked in my luggage was a really nice Australian cobber that lived in Sweden for 2 years when he was younger, and starting to talk some fraises in Swedish like; Satans helvete. When he checked in my luggage he asked how I felt; -As you deserve? With a wide grin on his face. Not too bad I replied, but I haven’t really got any sleep since I got home from Manly beach. He asked where we had been yesterday and I told him our route and he agreed with me that it was a long hike to do in the middle of the night. And when I told him it was just cloudy at Manly so we couldn’t see the sun rise anyhow, he just laughed! When he told me which seat number and gate number I had been allocated he told me that in Swedish. We agreed on that the “Millennium Bug” was just something the ‘Computer Nerds’ had made up to make more money. But the fear for the Bug was definitely noticeable onboard the plane, I have a window seat (55K) but the two seats beside me was empty so I had plenty of room to spread out on.

I will land in Tokyo in less than 2 hours and it feels good to have night in Tokyo at this luxury hotel to get back some of my sleep.

The plane from Tokyo to London was not as empty as the Sydney-Tokyo flight, but I had again 3 seats for my self!

I do hope the New Years celebrations at yours were as good as mine, with no violence and such boring things.

Back in Sweden, everything was as it use to be, and many of my friends had read the article in the local newspaper about my studies and my selection to the Australian national team. Pretty funny for a while but after some time you just feel like it’s just in your way.

======== 000107 ========

Yesterday we had a little Christmas celebrations, like a mini-Christmas eve. Why? -Because I hadn’t had any real Xmas as I was use to, sorry Mr. and Mrs. Bull., even if your Xmas was really nice it will not ever be the same…

And I got all my Xmas presents and I gave my sister her necklace that she became really happy about.

I got some CDs as I wished for and some vouchers at two different shops, a dive shop and at an optician and some other stuff.

It’s not really what I thought it would be in Sweden as I presumed before I went from Australia. I thought more friends would be home and I thought I would get a job straight away when I got back. Now I just have to kill my days and wait for some work to come around…

======== 000119 ========

My plans for my “holiday” in Sweden with a lot of work has not gone my way at all. The plan was to work as much as I could so I could get a lot of money for next semester, but my employer couldn’t give me any job. So I haven’t earned a penny and I am starting to become a little worried. Otherwise my life is good, I got my photos developed yesterday and I spent the entire day updating the homepage.

Hope you like the photos… (See some of them in the Picture gallery)

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