Australia – February 2000

======== 2000-02-09 ========

Hey Blokes!

I can’t understand how time just can disappear, like it has for me. I mean do YOU realise that it is February? I can tell you that for me it feels like I just celebrated New Year in Sydney!

I have been home for little more than a month now and did not get any job as a presumed before, but I don’t think that it will effect my future studies at all. (more than I have to start exercising little more).

I have had a lot of time to figure out what I want to do with my life, and I found some collages in Canada that really interested me but they are not within the area of marine biology at all. They are called Mountain Activity Skills Training program and Adventure Tourism program.

So many of my friends are asking me, What are you doing in Australia then? And I tell them that I am just doing that for interest and they look at me and ask how on earth I can spend around 75 000 Australian $, “Just for interest”!!!!

*Smile* (Don’t ask!!)

I will tell you more about the Mountain Activity Skills Training program and Adventure Tourism program on a special page little later.

Hope you have good one, C ya’ later.

======== 2000-02 ========

After seven weeks at home and no work I felt pretty bad, though the reason I went home was to make some money. But the last weekend changed my view pretty much due to my little trip in Sweden to meet up with some friends and the first friend I went to was Martina in Glassås outside Tranås in Småland. We meet on mIRC when I was doing my service and have been keeping contact ever since but never meet in person. We both decided that this would happen during the period I was home on Summer-holiday. When I got there after a 3 hours drive we started talk about everything between heaven and earth. The day after I left for my friend Sebastian after having breakfast with her parents saying goodbye to Martina and the others.

After a couple of hours driving in the deep forests of Småland I found Karlstad where Sebastian lives. This weekend was really good though many pleasant things happen and I realise that even though I live most of the time in Australia I can still keep my friends through both this site and email.

Two days before I left for Australia I got a letter from a foundation that said that they wanted to give me a grant!!! And the amount of the grant was about 4000$!!! Little more than I ever could hope for, but almost the same amount that I would have had earned if I had got a job!

======== 2000-02-23 ========

This was the day when I had to leave Sweden for not to re-unite with this lovely country until November. After leaving Höganäs around noon and Copenhagen around 4pm I felt a little emotional, due to what had happened on the weekend. The weather was beautiful and we had a clear blue sky. When I landed in Australia two-and-a-half-days later Tropical Cyclone Steve had started to form out in the coral sea. When I left Cairns it was okey weather, but when I go to Townsville it was pouring down. And as I have written before, it doesn’t rain like home -one drop there and another one over there- here its like a shower, or if you would throw a buckets with water. On the way down to the runway I saw the cemetery totally flooded and large areas outside it as well. After making it into the terminal more or less soaked I collected my luggage and went out to take a taxi home, when the cabby said: Where to?

And I said: Uni please.

Cabby: Sorry I can’t take you there. The roads are flooded.

I: You’r kidding, right?

Cabby: No, mate. Nathan Street is totally flooded can’t get out to that area at all. Do you wanna go somewhere else?

I: Not directly, No. Then he asked the other Cabby and asked if he knew if the could get throgh. And the other Cabby said that if we took with some ease we could get through.

Cabby: Okey, we give it a go!

When we reached Nathan St. I saw the flooding and that was not a pretty sight. When we were driving through 50cm of water I could feel the water under the car through the floor. In the middle of an intersection some surf had been building up, and the car was moving with the waves!!! But we made it through, and I got home safely.

Australia – February 2000

School started and what a start!!

Yeah, the uni start was something, it jumped right into where we left off last semester with the same intensity so I got little of a chock. But otherwise everthing is as it use to here in the ‘ville. My timetable is really good this semester as well, Mondays; one lecture! Tuesdays are my long days (8am-8.30pm); Wednesdays (8am-noon); Thursdays 2pm-5pm, and Fridays 9am-2pm. Talk about Excellent!!! I meet a couple of new friends and specially one called Adrian who I connected with straight away. Why? He had been an airborne trouper in the Australian Army, so we had many things in common.

My father had his 50th birthday yesterday (2000-03-05) and apparently he had a jolly good time at the theatre and at the pubs last night… Happy Birthday Dad!

I have decided to buy a new car, and Jody told me about a friend of his that was about to sell his, and it looked alright so I probably go to the wreckers with my old one and get the other one roadworthy.

It’s a Toyota HiLux Ute, 1976 model, and they are quite a popular model so I wont have any problems finding spares to it if it would blow up…

There is even a VHF radio in it… (pretty good if I am going to drive around in some more deserted places..)

Something pretty sad has also come to my attention and that is that Martin (remember him?) has decided to quite and do something else… Even though we didn’t talk that much last semester, it sure feels strange. We came here together and we had these big plans and ahh, you know the rest…

The J.C.U. Diveclub is sure firing up this semester with trips to little here and there.

Hook Island the first week of April, and Palm Islands during Easter. I can’t afford going to both so I am going to the Palm Island one, mostly due to that I have been on Hook twice and I don’t feel for going there in the middle of the semester. (I have plenty of work to do during that break, among other things an essay worth 35% of the grade in one of my subjects!) And also that I feel that I should take the opportunity to discover as much of the reef as possible while I’m here. It wont be much diving in Canada as the looks of it so I better dive until it gets really saturated and then go over there and do all the other exciting stuff like rafting, climbing, skiing, hiking, mountaineering and plenty of other exciting adventurous stuff.

If you would like to visit the college I intend to go to feel free to do so by clicking here .

Another little disappointment came to my attention when I arrived in Australia after the holiday, and that was about the Inline-hockey. The national team trainer called and said that as long as I did not have an Australian passport I could not play for Australia. But then he said that both he and his counterpart in New Zealand thought that they should change the rules to next year so they could boost up the teams with one or two international players and he wanted me to play then! He said that he expected to see me in Melbourne at the next nationals!!!

Other news from Down-Under; Ryan my friend that was drafted to Dallas Stars(?), has gone home and he plays at the moment for Oklahoma! Nice fellow to have meet! If you read this Ryan, take care, good luck and no more concussions!!

That is it for now, ta ta.

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