Australia – March & April 2000

======== 2000-03-27 ========

Work work work, but there is some spare time…

I have got my self ICQ and the number is: 6848 1006.

Not a minute to late according to many, and I can’t say more than I agree.

I did not go along with the HiLux, though I found out it would cost me a fortune to repair it… …so I found another car, Ford Falcon, 6cylinder, 4.1Liter engine!!!! A big sucker but it sure nice to have a big engine when you are out on longer trips.

Played some inline hockey during the weekend, representing Townsville P.C.Y.C. (Police Community Youth Club) against Charters Towers. We slaughtered them!!! 10-2, and I did 3 goals and 3-4 passes. The day after it was time for a re-match and due to that CT did not have any goalie a floor-player putted on the gear and to make it little more even we swooped goalies too.

This game was a lot more even, 6-3 was the final score but they had the lead early in the game.


This is a very bad sign! Today it is 6th of May. You cannot imagine how much reports and essays I have had to write!!

Puuhh! But now it is all over but so is April!!

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