Mountaineering Goals

Kilimanjaro ( 19,339ft/5,963m ) Tanzania, Africa – Highest Summit of Africa – t.b.a.

Climb to the top of Africa once in a lifetime adventure!

Africa is an exciting and diverse continent which will enchant and delight the adventurer in everyone. We will ascend the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet, in first class style the entire way!

Mt Elbrus, ( 18,481ft/5,633m ) Russia, Europe. – Winter Accent – Highest Summit of Europe – t.b.a.

Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain in the Caucasus, whose dominant range stretches 750 miles between the Black and Caspian seas– roughly the size of the Alps and twice the length of the Sierra Nevada.

Including Elbrus, the Caucasus boasts eight peaks higher than France’s Mont Blanc, the highest of the Alps, whose 15,771-foot summit lies more than half a mile closer to sea level than [Elbrus].

Denali, (Mount McKinley, 20,320ft/6,195m ) Alaska, North America. – Highest Summit of N. America – t.b.a.

Denali is North America’s highest and most impressive mountain. From the town of Talkeetna, Alaska, we fly to the Kahiltna Glacier where we prepare for our ascent. The classic West Buttress route on Denali requires only intermediate technical climbing skills, but perseverance, intense physical exertion, teamwork and patient acclimatization are all necessary for this climb. This unforgettable climb has long been regarded as a great expedition challenge, comparable to the Himalayan giants. Mountain Madness provides these trips as a booking agent for an authorized concessionaire of Denali National Park.

Aconcagua, ( 22,840ft/6,962m ) Argentina, South America. – Highest Summit of S. America – t.b.a.

Aconcagua, often referred to as the “Stone Sentinel,” is the highest peak in South America and the highest peak in the world outside of Asia.

Climbing this beautiful mountain, which rises 4,000 feet above neighboring peaks, is a great way to experience the spectacular Andes of Argentina.

Winson Massiv, ( 16,067ft/4,897m ) Ellsworth Range, Antarctica. – Highest Summit of Antartica – t.b.a.

Located at a latitude of 78 degrees 35 minutes south and 85 degrees 25 minutes west longitude, Vinson is found in the Ellsworth Mountains. The 16,077 foot summit is the highest point on the continent of Antarctica. For most that have the unique opportunity to do such expedition, their definition of wilderness will be redefined. Isolated and starkly beautiful, the icy continent of Antarctica is beyond description and offers an adventure of a lifetime!

Carstensz Pyramid, ( 16,023ft/4,884m ) is Indonesia , Oceania – – Highest Summit of Oceania – t.b.a.

With a combination of excellent climbing and the unique, exotic culture of the Dani people, this is truly one of our most fascinating adventures in one of the wildest remaining places on the planet. Located at latitude 4 degrees and 5 minutes south by 137 degrees and 11 minutes east longitude in the western central highlands of New Guinea, the second largest island after Greenland, 16,023 foot Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak on the Oceania continent and one of the seven summits.

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