Australia – September 2000

September – How are you all?? -Good I hope!

Here Down Under, is everything quite chaotic, though I have got heaps and heaps of assignments, scientific reports, other reports, summaries and essays to write.. You guys that are little older than me might say that this is part of ordinary life at University.

It might just be that, I don’t know?

I started the month with going to Yongala and Broadhurst reef, I could have done that weekend without the reef, but our stupid skipper thought that the Advanced student “were not good enough to dive on the Yongala”. (Read more about it under my ‘Hobbies’ button.)

That was a lot of bull, but he was the skipper so we could not do anything about that. On the Saturday we convinced him to go anyhow, and on the Sunday the Yongala was ours. There was heaps of fish as usually and among the fish I could distinguish coral trout, grouper, shark, rays -specially an Eagleray, that passed me on my way up!!! (They are not fish though, they are in an other family but anyhow), and also we were greeted by some Humpback whales!!!

And yes I took photos, but the boat rocked some so they went blurry.

The rest of the month, I will go down to the Gold Coast, and play inline-hockey for Team QLD. And if I am really lucky I will make it into the National Australian team!!!!! That would be so great!!

I want to take this opportunity to say I am sorry, to all you guys that visit my site, (over 250), that I have not updated in a while… I might not be able to update it in while from now neither.

But in December, (I am free from school), some serious updating will occur, with a total disarrangement of the most of the things here, e.g. some new pics (if I get my scanner started), new site structure. I have got my military interest back so I am planing to have a couple pages of military things, like what I was doing more concise and more details about how different weapons work. So you can maybe even learn something, if you want. Also some serious issues is planned to be brought up, like overpopulation of the Earth, water conservation, and heaps of other issues that I feel is important, most of this information will be from my and others University students studies.

That reminds me, if you guys have work you want published on the net, even if you don’t want put your name on it, please feel free to send me an email, and attach your work, and I do everything to publish it.

But as I just wrote, I am note doing this until December. So you have time to think about it…

I am writing this on my computer science lecture and that is just about to end, so I have to end here…

I hope you guys, really have a nice time, and have heaps of work to do…

Cheers, Stefan

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