Australia – October 2000

October 2000-10-22

I feel bad about these updates! This is the third update in way too long time.

Anyways, some diving is planned in November & December and I really looking forward to that though I haven’t been into the water since last trip to the Yongala the 14th of May…

If I can gather some money from my sponsors (read my parents) I’ll go on two trips during Nov and Dec and during the first trip I am going for a NITROX course as well (all this is my sponsor deals comes through).

During October nothing special has happened other than Steve had his 20th birthday, so we had a rumble with the liquids for a night… the house looked like a mess afterwards but no one was hurt 🙂 Lots of ice-cube throwing! FUN FUN FUN!

I got to know Clint a lot better, and he seems like a nice fellow! –Good party Clint!

On Friday we, in the Diveclub, are holding our AGM (Annual General Meeting) and I am running for President! I have been in the Diveclub now for a year and a half, so I know how things work and I feel ready to take the next step up.

Hope you all have a splendid fall in the northern hemisphere and a good summer in the southern…

Till next time,

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