Australia – November 2000

November – 2000-11-26

End of November and some updating has been done to the site, nothing major just some updating on the personal pages and dive pages.

As I told you about in the October History I was going diving if I got some funding and the funding came through!!! Yiihaaa!!

You can read all about the dive trip at the Dive Pages, and I promise that they are worth a look! You can not imagine ho awesome the two dives I did were… just awesome.. We saw two massive 3-3.5 meter wide Manta rays!

This time of year I am very bizzy with studying for my exams… I have done two out of three exams so I feel pretty safe and the last one will go alright too… I have never felt this secure about the exams before, perhaps I have gotten into the University lifestyle with studying and also the language.

Just hoping it’s not a fake security… 🙂

On Wednesday is everything over and I can relax for a couple of days before I start my intensive course called Herpetology, that’s a posh word for studies on snakes, reptiles and amphibians. This brings me to last night, when I was out at Robyn’s place having dinner with my friends. When Steve was out in the garden he saw a snake and because they don’t like having snakes around the house and especially this one (carpet python ?). When Steve picked it up he thought it perhaps would be like a meter or so but it was a bit bigger… 🙂 about 2 meters, 5-7cm in diameter…

After picking it up and putting it into a pillow case, they went away from the house and released it…

It was a beautiful snake. Something else she had that was really beautiful was her two dogs. Storm and Bear. Bear is a Siberian Molad (?) Very Husky like dog, looks basically like a wolf. And I am totally in love with Huskies and dogs in general so me, Storm and Bear played a lot and they seemed to enjoy my affection for them as much as I liked them… think I am going to Robyn’s place more times so I can play with her dogs 🙂

Hope the winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere and you enjoy the beauty of the winter. And for those of you in the southern hemisphere enjoy the coming cyclone season with LOTS of rain, thunder, floods and other natural disasters. 🙂

As I am writing this 2/3 of New South Whales is submerged of flood water. That is A LOT of water…

Talk to you next month….

Wet regards from Down Under…

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