Australia – January 2001

January 2001-01-07

The New Year started very good with many nice friends wanting to see me and I was literally dragged from one to another…

It felt good however, so I should not complain…

I will return to this page in a couple of weeks so I can tell you more about how my stay in Sweden has been.

Till then, take care,

January – 2001-01-21

Today I am having a Birthday Party! However, it’s not my birthday yet for another seven weeks… (14 th of March).

But as I am leaving Sweden on Tuesday my mum wanted us to have it a bit earlier…

We just have to see how it turns out… My room is cleaned and the mess pack up in its spot. I also started organize stuff I am taking down with me like cords, contact-lenses, computer and other stuff…

I also got a new computer since the other one got stolen in Tokyo, it’s a Compaq M700 Laptop, P3-650MHz, 128Mb RAM, 6Gb HDD, DVD and a 14″ TFT Screen. Hope this one will do the work just as good or better as my old one.

My days in Sweden has been long lately, much due to not much to actually do but I guess me getting the flu didn’t help that situation…

As I told you all about last month I am doing some volunteer work at DPI next month so I am a bit thrilled for that and also my intensive in late Jan and early Feb should also be interesting.

I am also buying a WebCam when I get down there and you will see lot and lots of pictures and small movie clips showing up around here from mid-February and onwards. Hope you all will enjoy that!

(If you reader also has a WebCam please do not hesitate to email or ICQ me so we can have a video conference!)

Have a good one all, catch you all later when I get back to Oz.

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