Australia – February 2001

February – Greetings friends!

This month started with finishing of my intensive course called Protected Area Management – Principles and practices.

It was quite a good intensive which taught me much about the problems with having people in fragile environments and how to keep outdoors activities like hiking, horseback riding and stuff sustainable.

Perhaps not interesting for all people but something I reckon could boost your interest perhaps could be the fact that Brazil got a $40 Billion US loan granted from the World Bank to develop the Amazon Rainforest with roads, buildings etc. this practically means: Amazon Rainforest bubbye!

To put this money in perspective, NGO (Non-Government Organisations) like W.W.F. and others put in $370 Million US to conserve the forest! Sad but true.. If you want to see some pristine rainforest I suggest you go now!

From that kind of sad note, I want to continue this history by telling you about my volunteer workweek at DPI (Department of Primary Industries) where I was working within the crocodile farm.

The week was quite the adventure where I got to feed, cuddle, clean up and basically look after some baby crocks. I was fortunately enough not to get bitten even if I wanted to have some cool scars to show of to the ladies back home… another time perhaps LOL!! J

I am going back to the farm  in 8 weeks or so to help them move the big crocks. This going to generate some more pictures and I hope to share them with you!

I also have some movie clips (.avi) I took, and I hope I can upload them as well.. for you to have a look at.

Click on the movie clip you wish to see: Crock film 1 (916kb) Crock film 2 (817kb) Crock film 3 (1405kb).

After a spectacular week at DPI, O’week started at uni. I was a mentor for the first year students and we in the Dive club we had our little table set for people to come and get information about this coming year. Below you’ll find some pickies from that.

Uni started the week after and this is the most critical week of them all when you find out all the shit you need to produce over the semester. I got some panic but it has settled a bit now.

And that also means we are in the beginning of March. A good month (my birthday is coming up..) Also I am going rafting the 17-18 th of March doing the North Johnstone River! Two days of Adventure!

I am going to tell you all about it next month! Hopefully show some nice piccies too!

Till then!

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