Australia – March 2001

March – 2001-04-06

Hey how are things?

Wow, it’s April all ready April, but what happened in March then?

I started uni the last week in February and got into the swing again pretty fast and so did our lecturers by piling essays, reports, ministerial briefings and scientific posters our way.

The poster was about dolphins and can be viewed by clicking here . (Powerpoint, 153 kb).

I wrote last month that I was going rafting. This trip was sadly cancelled due to the Army wanted to use the river that weekend and we didn’t organise any other trip.

Beautiful pictures are coming however, because I am going away over the Easter break to Pelorous Island.

March is also a very special month. Why? -It’s my birthday month!

Yup the 14 th of March is the day for me! My friends were really cool and Sarah bought a cake and she put 23 candles in it. Beautiful! Thanks Sarah! Steve, Dan, Dan (2 Dan’s) and Alice were there to celebrate my day.

Six days later I had my camera with me to uni again and took some pictures from our lectures. This lecture is in MT103 the brand new building (costed like $10M AUD) and we are here having a video link established with Cairns campus so students can take lectures held in Townsville in Cairns without going the 4-500km to T’ville. Pretty neat huh?

Before I leave you to it, I feel I have to tell you this (if you haven’t all ready heard).


It a all starts the 4 th of September. So now I have to organise everything like Student VISA for Canada, travel arrangement and other stuff, ohh not to forget FUNDING! This is the only thing that can spoil my future plans at the moment. I’ll tell you all more later on about what this really means and stuff.

Till next month!

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