Australia – April 2001

April – 2001-04-06

The joyful letter I got from Canada has still not gone out of my mind as you might understand. I have worked hard to reach this sub-goal. The final goal is still ahead but this was one was a very important stage in my future development.

As I mentioned in last months page, the only thing that really can stop me from going at this point is money, and that is coming from CSN (the Swedish Board for further Education).

Back home the Spring is in the air and the flowers are popping up little here and there and I can guess everything is just lovely. Down Under it’s overcast today and some showers, 28C and very humid!

Tomorrow we’re having a big competition against Carins again. The rumour is that Cairns have recruited some Canadians and some Europeans so we have to see if we can beat them. We are playing both inline and ice…

Tell you more about it later…

April – 2001-04-13 to 2001-04-16 (Easter Weekend)

Pelorus Island Here We Come!!!

It was time for the first dive camp with the dive club for the semester and I was obviously there as a free-passenger.

Pelorus Island is situated between Hinchinbrook Island and Orpheous Island a couple of hours drive north from Townsville. The whole time we spend there was quite windy however, the sun did shine upon us so we could dry up after our dives. The diving was not great but not too bad either, considering the weather… I saw many species of nudibranchs, small coral fish and stuff but nothing big and impressing.. L

We had strong wind warning everyday so day trips to Hinchinbrook Island and the continental shelf was out of the question.

I squeezed in 5-6dives but many of the Americans succeeded spending most of the time underwater…

April – 2001-04-24 to 2001-04-27 (Lecture Recess)

I didn’t even have time to unpack until it was time again to go out into the wild…

This time it was time to go out into the Australian Outback! Moorrinya to be a bit more exact. Moorrinya National Park (21° 30’S, 145° 00’E) is located 85km south of Torrens Creek in the desert uplands, north Queensland and is made up of an area covering 32607 hectares of eucalypt and acacia open woodlands and grassy plains. The park contains 12 of the 15 regional ecosystems found in the Desert Uplands.

So what did I do out there? -I went there with the Australian Vertebrate Fauna class to evaluate the efficiency of different fauna survey techniques and to get an understanding of the fauna and flora structure of desert upland habitats.

The red inner of Australia that is famous all over the world is due to the high iron content of the soil. The picture to the left is on the way into Moorrinya from Torrens Creek and the picture to the right is one of the sampling sites.

During our four days in the Outback we encountered many cool animals like this cute critter, the Echidna.

For more pictures, stay tuned and keep visiting the gallery. Also, if you are interested in reading the report produced from this fieldtrip please refer to the Schoolwork page.

Until May…

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