MAST – Ski Touring I

Fernie Alpine Resort 2001-12-13, Stellar Peak 2001-12-18

We explore the backcountry of the Lizard Range and other local day trips. We experienced a progression of skills in mountain navigation, avalanche hazard awareness, terrain evaluation and general guiding skills. Our ski ability are set to the test and I felt a VERY strong learning curve from being used to the Swedish “standard” i.e. ice skiing to the fluffy stuff Fernie got so much of called POWDER! Powder skiing and ice skiing are SO different and people have been telling me that “unlearn everything you learnt from groomers and ice and you’re halfway there!!”.   Some of our instructors have been giving me some tips of how to be able to stand up in this fluffy stuff. Some tips have actually made things worse but Rick Schroeder and especially Dave Richards have help me A LOT and I am starting to get the hang of it.

In the Gallery you will find pictures from my group and perhaps later on I will get copies from the other groups and I can throw the in here as well.

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