MAST – Fernie, B.C. – Fall 2001

Fernie, BC, Canada

1 August 2001

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun huh?

It is October already and I haven’t written anything for September, however, I started college in Fernie, BC, Canada this month doing a program you all probably know by now called MAST or Mountain Activity Skills Training. I have already been on two expeditions that I have written about in the Adventure section .

The college program is a heap of fun and quite full on!

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September flew so quickly and I didn’t really had time to update the site in time but in September I started the MAST program as I said and the first week we learned Navigation, No Trace Camping Ethics, Trip Planning.

Then it was time to practice our new knowledge and we did that by doing our first trip, Wilderness Travel .

After recovering from that we had some more theory, leadership, glaciology, crevasse rescue and more trip planning and navigation. The new theory needed to be practiced so it was time for our second trip, Mountaineering Expedition .

The trip ended the last day of the month and we got two days to recover. (YAY!!)

23 October 2001

Greetings People! Wow time flies does it not?I have so much to tell you and so little time to do it in! In the beginning of the month I had some rock climbing theory and practicals and of cause some more leadership.

Then the 8 th it was time to leave for Stonehill outside Eureka, Montana, United States of America. We were there for 5days and we climbed around 30routes ranging from 5.8:s to 5.10b:s (Yellowstone Decimal System). After resting the feet for 2days (well needed) it was time for more leadership and natural history lessons and learning how the Rocky Mountains were made and why they look like they do and what kind of different habitats one could find and what kind of animals one could find (quite interesting actually). Then we were thrown into canoes and we spent 5days in them learning to master these old vessels and I succesfully completed Levels 1 – Basic Tandem Paddler, Level 2 – Basic Solo Paddler, Level 3 – Advanced Tandem Paddler and Level 4 – Advanced Solo Paddler. The next level up is the flatwater canoe instructors course that we are attemting this coming spring.

The last month and half I have seen the reason why it is called Beautiful British Columbia! Canada is a very pretty country and if you like me like the outdoors, BC and the Rocky Mountains is the place to go to!

Hope the life is treating you all well!

Please enjoy my photos and adventure stories!

Till November!

November – Wow!!

November came and left so fast I don’t know even what happened!

Looking back on my schedule, we have a lot of theory in computers and business communication during the first two weeks and during the weekends we went to the Aquatic Centre and learned basic lifesaving skills by doing the RLSS Bronze Medallion.

In the middle of the month we went out on a one-day solo survival night. The weather was fine until about 9pm when it started to rain and it didn’t stop until 8am the next morning. I.e. nothing fun!

The 19 th we started an 80h Outdoor Emergency Care course also known as Wilderness First Aid. We learned CPR, all the bones in the body, some major muscle groups, how to care for a patient in a wilderness setting with a range of different injuries like, broken bones, punctured lunges, dislocated joints, temperature (hot and cold) injuries, bleedings etc… VERY interesting.

Since it is day before x-mas eve today I should write more about December…

See ya next month!!

23 December 2001. Merry X-mas!!

Time flies when you’re having fun doesn’ it?

December was full of ski touring (see pictures in MAST gallery), Avalanche Training and more skiing!!

Since Friday 21 st I am on a X-mas break and I am loving every minute of it!!

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the all and I curious what Santa have brought for me this year!

Hope you all have will have a really Marry X-mas and Happy New Year!

See ya all in the new year

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