Fernie, B.C. – Aug 2001- May 2002

College of the Rockies is a 7 campus modern facility located in the British Columbia Interior. Services include computer labs, a modern library, state-of-the-art audio/visual & teleconferencing services, sports facilities, tutoring/learning resource center, student housing, access to outdoor recreation, activities and more …

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Fernie-Elk Valley Campus — Our location is ideal for…

those interested in outdoor activities. We are strategically located to offer access to a wide range of adventure sports. We offer two full time adventure programs:

Mountain Activity Skills Training (MAST)

Nine months of instruction in a wide variety of activities from rafting to ski touring.

Nine months of extreme education!
The world is changing … stay on top of it!
Along with building a base of practical and technical skills, the program includes courses that address the theoretical aspects of the Adventure Tourism Industry and mountain activities as well as certifications which are needed to enter the industry.
CONTACT: Brian Bell bbell@cotr.bc.ca – Fernie Campus

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The Mountain Activity Skills Training program (MAST) philosophy is based on providing students with a broad range of skills training following a step by step progression of learning. The program consists of three sections:
  1. Theoretical Applications (MSTA) Courses that pertain to tourism, computers, the organizational and environmental aspects of tourism. Research, communication, and critical thinking skills are emphasized.
  2. Safety and Emergency Response Skills (SERS). This section is comprised of courses that relate to management of emergencies, hazard recognition and avoidance.
  3. Mountain Activity Skills Development (MASD). This includes the majority of the practical skills. Opportunity is given for exploration in mountain sport activities.

Our nine-month instructional format is intensive and explores the spectacular mountain environment surrounding the South Eastern Rockies area. The seasonal nature of the outdoor adventure industry means that we are training outside throughout the nine-month program.www.cotr.bc.ca/MAST

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