Norway 2003

NORWAY 2003 – Pictures in Gallery

(Text and some photos kindly contributed by Liv Gottschalk).

I’ve been home for a week now, since my first trip to Krossbu in the southern part of Norway. Krossbu is situated in Norway’s highest mountain range , Jutunheimen.

You have to be there to realise how great the week was, but I ‘ll try to put it down:

Sunday the 7th of September

I’m in year 11 at a three-year specialty program called Rescue Program. It’s a normal natural science program with some fire fighting, first aid training and some special subjects relevant for future work at a fire brigade. My whole class is going to come except one girl. That means that we were going to be 31 students from my class and about 15 students from three other social classes. Off course they wont let us go by ourselves so we needed a few teachers; Anna a Swedish teacher, Gunvor a chemistry teacher, Åke a social science teacher and Anders a PE teacher.

At 6pm the bus left our school, to begin our journey to Krossbu. The bus was full so three people needed to drive a car but it was already planned before the trip. The bus trip up was boring, but we were all excited what was going to happen in the future days ahead of us.

Monday the 8th of September

After approximately 12 long sleep l ess hours, we were finally there. The nature was so beautiful, high mountains and alot of waterfalls. We got the orders to pack our “niste-packe” (lunch box) at the breakfast table and fill our Thermos with something warm to drink. We all got ready and waited outside to get some more information about the day. Anders introduced five new people . Elisabeth, Mimmi, Micke, Per and Stefan, I didn’t hear more then that because I had my cap on cause it was a cold wind. We all went up in our own speed to the first stop where we had our lunch. This stop was situated at a little glacial lake made from a melting water . After the lunch we had to choose between three small trips on the mountains. I chosen to go and have a look at the big waterfalls, Anders guided the trip. I took some really nice photos on the waterfalls this day. We hurried back to the hotel cause it started raining; luckily we got back with out getting soaking wet. The last persons didn’t come until 6pm, at that time we were very hungry.

After tea the teachers went through the day and told us what was going to happen tomorrow. The bus is taking us 30min on the way to Lom, for some hiking to a waterfall and a glacier to find some half gem stones. That night I think everyone slept like loges due to tiredness from whole day hiking.

Tuesday the 9th of September

This night’s sleep was much better then the bus! We packed our “niste-packe” and Thermos, at 9 o’ clock everyone was ready sitting in the bus. On the way Åke told us about the history of Elvesäter, an old luxury hotel . The whole group went up together to the waterfall where some people took a quick dip, in the waterfall. The waterfall’s water was from the glacier so it must have been freezing! At this point most of us had our first lunch stop. After our lunch me, Sanna, Malin and Madde continued our hiking up to the glacier. The road that we walked on wriggled it self like a snake round the mountain. When we finally got to the glacier we didn’t find any nice half-gem stones so headed back down to the bus. When we got there, there was already some people watching “Bad Boys”, they didn’t even bother to go up the glacier. Malin and I just sat down when Micke, Stefan and Mimmi dropped some Dutch hikers of f where our bus stood. We two got a ride back to the hotel cause the bus wouldn’t leave until two hours later.

After a shower with only 3 min warm water, I was ready to read my book while Malin took a nap. I sat down in the common room where I found Stefan; he was also reading a book. At this point I found out that I knew Stefan since before but I didn’t recognise him, O uu ps.      When everyone else came home and had a shower, we ate tea. As usual the teachers went through the day in the common room and showed some very small half-gem stones that they had found earlier today. When the teachers were finish, Stefan and Per took over and talked about the next day that was going to be at the glacier. They told us about the most important rules and they showed us how to make a double figure eight knot on the ropes that we were going to buckle up on our safety harness around our chest. I can’t wait until tomorrow, I’m so excited!

Wednesday the 10th of September

I’m been waiting for this day the whole week, the glacier day!!! I’ve been hiking before but never on a glacier so it’s going to be so COOL! We got ready in the same way like all the other mornings but there was one difference, more clothes to put on! I got my safety harness on so it would fit perfectly over all clothes. The teachers said that it would be warm when we are moving but cold when we stand still, waiting for the others. Now we fitted out some crampons for the shoes so we wouldn’t glide away on the glacier. When everyone was ready we started to walk in our own speed up the edge of the glacier.

When Stefan and Per organized the ropes that we would later use for the day, Anders talked some more about safety rules.

I was in Stefan’s rope team. I had Stefan in front of me, at first a thought that would be safe but after a while I started to wonder! Behind me I had Björn and Aroa, plus 20 other students and Anna. I think the day started of f good, but our rope rules didn’t work that good! They were either straight or dragged on the ice, not in the middle where it should have been. After a while hiking alot of people started to complain on this and that. Some thought we walked to fast, we jumped too much and that it was too hard but I LOVED it. I think I liked it cause I was at the beginning of the rope so I had to follow Stefan and see if this or that way was ok for the whole rope team. Me, Björn and Aroa were allowed to the most things that day on our rope team and we three didn’t complain at all, well maybe at the ones complaining!

After our lunch we found a hole in the glacier wall were you could crawl in and take photos of where the glacier had cracked into two steeps. This and the beautiful view was a really Kodak moment s .

Both on the way up and down on the glacier we looked at some really nice crevasses and high ice sera c s that rose out of the glacier.

Our rope team were the last one of the glacier to head home to the hotel. When we got home we had barely any time to shower before tea. The teachers had their usual meeting in the common room with all of us, talking about the day and tomorrow in the caves. We found out that Sanna fell down a crack and pulled Björn F with her and almost Pamela.

Thursday the 11th of September

Today we’re going to the caves, so we needed our rain-clothes, flashlight and clothes we weren’t afraid getting to dirty. The day was planned that we were going to take the bus to the caves and then walk home through Dumdalen. But the bus was going back to the hotel at 2 o’ clock, for the ones with injuries that couldn’t walk home.

I went with Anders, Anna, Mimmi and Stefan. Our group went through all caves except one , G-2 . Luckily I had rain clothes on cause we got very wet and muddy from when we crawled to get in and out the caves. There were totally eight caves; three of these were so big that you could stand up straight all time. At the rest of the caves we needed to crawl, at cave G-3 I got stuck at the “exit” cause the hole was to small but I got lose. After me Aroa and Stefan got stuck to but Mimmi slunk through easily. Cave number eight was the one that was most fun, it was spiral shaped! It took us sometime to get to the bottom and some teamwork. We had to tell the ones behind us where to put their feet and hands cause it was very slippery. I liked this cave cause there was no way you could get in and out without getting muddy! I never been in one of this kinds of caves before, some thought it was hard but I like it when you have to put some effort into it.

After the last cave some of us had their lunch meal but instead of lunch me, Rikard, Magnus and Aroa had a swim in the lake, well Rikard and I had a swim and the two others only had a quick dip. When we were finished they started walking back home but I needed to get my medicine my mum send to me. Anders told me on the bus to the caves that the post didn’t get delivered up to Krossbu until June, so Stefan promised to drive me and get it. We got on the bus and got back at the hotel, Stefan, Micke and I went as soon as we were finish. Luckily my letter was there so they hadn’t sent it back!

It took everyone quite some time to get back so they changed the teatime till eight a clock. After tea we all sat down in the common room for our information about tomorrow. The teachers told us that we were allowed to go by ourselves as long as we were at least two persons and that we had to leave a message to them in the morning, where to go, when to get back and who was going.

Friday the 12th of September

Today we were going home to Helsingborg at 7pm. We needed to have our bags packed and our rooms cleaned at 5:30pm.

Me, Linus and Magnus chosen to go hiking to the “café” that was located a few kilometres away. Our group was the one first out; we started our hiking up the mountain instead of walking on the road that led to the café. Linus was the one of us that used a compass to find where to go. When we finally find the café it was closed for the season, so we had no chose then to go back and get ready backing. On our way back we saw some other hikers and allot of sheep’s.

When we got back to our room we found out that all or stuff was thrown down in some plastic bags cause they had changed the time till 11:30am instead of 5:30pm. We found all our belongings except my mobile. Off course this made me very angry. So I used the most of the time looking for it, but there was no luck finding it.

It was allot of people that didn’t even bother to go out, it’s their lost. I sat down in the common room with the rest chatting, waiting to get to eat. We had tea like normal at 6pm. After tea we where all ready to go when it was time, so we end up where this whole trip have started from IN THE BUS!

This week has been one of the most active, funniest and greatest weeks in a long time. I’m already up for it again next year!

View the movie from the trip here!

Norway 2003 16:08min (Movieclip – Swedish – 25.6MB) (Win Media Player) (Right click and “Save as..”)

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