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November Stories

17th November 2006

It’s all happening! *SCARY*

I woke up, thaought I heard the alarm go off. I quickly got dressed, since I knew there wasn’t too much time to waste before we had to go to the trainstation.

I went to the kitchen and I was expecting my parents to be there. But no one was there…

in my drowsyness I looked at the microwaveclock and found it was all me. 23.58 it said. I went back to bed.

04.50 the alarm went of. I did the sam proceedure once again ;)) But this time my parents were up to greet me and ready for breakfast.

We got to the trainstation about 05.40 and I purchased my ticket and we sat down. My mum pointing out the obvious facts that we really didn’t had to stress out ealrier to get there, since we now had to wait for about 30minutes.

However, I like to be in time and not miss a train that ultimately led me to miss my flight.

06.10 Swedish Time

. The train was leaving the station and I waved goodbye to my parents that I just had given a long hug each.

Sitting here on the train to CPH (Copenhagen Airport), for a trip that I didn’t know if it would really happen. It felt so distant and remote. “Next stop Landskrona” the speakers say and whole herd of people rush onboard the train. Help, will everybody get room?

Sometimes one can wonder if everybody really are on the run to somewhere all the time… even if they are not travelling as far as I am right now. I wrote this in Swedish first but realized that it would perhaps be the last things in a great while I am writing in that language.

Feeling a bit nervous to finally be on the way. Full of expectations, fully packed (sigh), but not regretful. Regret I do not, even if I sometimes ask myself what the h**l I’m doing sometimes, especially now when I have recieved such fine recommendations from my old boss and such nice joboffers from high position managers within ICA Sverige AB.

How will everything turn out? What will I be when I grow up? Will everything turn out well?

One of my dearest of friends told me yesterday (16th Nov) over the phone, that some people goes to history, they make things happen, they are willing to take chances and they always end on their feet, no matter what happens. She thought I was a person like that. I know that she really loves me for what I am and for what I do. This amazing woman is doing so many cool stuff herself that I admire and love her for what she’s doing and for she stands for.

I have been very fortunate with having great quality friends. I don’t have that many, barely a handful, but I enjoy them all very much. I suppose it’s all up to me that I don’t have that many friends. I know I am not that easy to be around or keep up with, since I do focus alot on things that “normal” people don’t focus on, and lost a few friends due to that.

So the summary of that would be that, ofcause there are uncertainties, ofcause I not 100% sure of the risks and chances I take. That’s kind of boiled into the whole concept of “risk” I suppose.

I believe that everybody that are out there, taking chances in life are feeling a bit unsecure at times, even if they would never accknowledge that in the heat of the moment. I believe it’s healthy to question your choices in life, and I question myself all the time if this or that would be the best for me. Not only for short term satisfaction but also for the long haul.

68kg of luggage are making life a bit more interesting, if I am continuing down for a journey through rest of Canada and US and perhaps even Mexico after the winter, I will be sending stuff home.

It was fun packing yesterday. it was a father/son moment. Unfortunately I haven’t had too many of those through life.

These kind of existanceial questions mixed with everyday western-world-problems are part of the disussions of many peoples everyday chats. I am just tapping along on my Qtek 9100. I look up from my smartphone and around me people are perhaps wondering if I’m playing tetris of something.

We are now entering Lund Centralstation. Students leave, commuters go onboard….

A pitty that I didn’t had time to download some music onto my phone so I could have something to listen to.

I will make a pause right here, lack of things to wright.

061117 – 11.55 Swedish Time.

Here I am in Frankfurt International Airport, it’s a really smokey and messy airport and noone seems to know anything. I feel unusually tired for not doing anything but to sit in an airplane seat for an hour and a half, perhaps due to the fact that I went up just before five this morning.

I am just sitting here, waiting for time to tick. 14.00 that final flight to Calgary will depart. I was really lucky on my first flight. There were noone between me and the lady sitting at the windowseat. Hopefully it’ll be a nice flight to Calgary aswell.

Let’s see if I could find a nice salladbar or something with something nice and organic. There are loads of fatty burger places and pizza huts etc… let the hunt for healthier food start!

061117 – 13.50 Swedish Time

Boarding the plane. Was greeted very warm and welcoming onto the Air Canada plane by two quite pleasent flight attendents. We had a bit of a laugh and it felt SO nice to find my seat and I thurouly enjoyed flying with Air Canada. Even if they didn’t have individual entertainment consuls for economyclass like many Asian Airlines have today.

It turned out that one of the nice attendants had about the same background as I did (Environmental Science – Conservation Biology).

061117 – 16.25 MST (061118 – 04.25 Swedish time)

I only got an hour or two of sleep on the plane. Feeling quite nice after the circumstances though…

I landed peacefully at Calgary International, and without to much hassel I went through customs, and on to immigration to fix all the Work VISA thingies. The Immigration officer she was really nice and we had an interesting talk about different things.

She mention something quite positive to me that totally made my day go even easier after that very welcoming greetings I recieved earlier on the plane, she said that normally VISAs like this is not extendable, but on her screen it said “Extentions Possible”. (Please note the “s” on extentionS (plural, possible to make more than one extention)).

So not to many restrictions on the VISA (not allowed to work with children or in a hospital environment), but those I can live with.

After getting my luggage, I came out into the arrival hall and two neatly dressed ladies with Canadian coloured dresses and white hats asked me if they could be of any service. I promtly asked them for the way to the Greyhound booth and not too long after I could find my way over there. $15 later I had a ticket and where well on my way to Calgary City.

You could grab a cab for $40 as well, but since time was not an issue at this time, I chose the bus. There were only 6people on the bus and it took 16 so there where plenty of room for all my luggage.

I like travelling light, so I was not too thrilled with three bags worth 68kg. But later people have told me that they regreted not bringing enough and had to purchase stuff for several thousands of dollars.

After boarding the next Greyhound that would take me out of Calgary into the Rocky Mountains I could finally relax and try to get some sleep. No such luck *smile* overtired.

22.40 MST

the bus stopped at Invermere. I went of and grabbed my stuff and went into the petrol station to call a cab as ordered from the Employee Experience Coordinator – Charly Ion by email a few days ago…

The not to thrilled petrolstation owner looked up the number and I used his phone to call. An answering machine! I waited and called back in about 10minutes still the machine… I told the station guy and he told me that the cabby probably where at the bar himself, ‘coz it was friday night after all… GREAT! It’s 18km to the the hill and I had 68kg of checked luggage and yet another 8kg of hand luggage. 76kg of stuff, just as much as I am weighing myself! Fun times to hike 18km with that luggage in the middle of the night in an area I never been in, and it was a bit cold too… (about zero degrees Celsius). Fun times… It is in those moments you wonder what am I going to do now! :))

The best of all, the petrolstation owner threw me out, since he was closing up for the night.

I decided to go to the next petrolstation a km or so down the road, to ask for some help.

When I got in there they tried calling Panorama and the cab but without success. I was offered a hot chochlate wich I gladly apprechiated and we talk a bit and after that I decided to hitch hike to the mountain, so I went out to the road and put my thumb up to all different cars that headed in the right direction. No luck! Fun times… :))

I went back to the petrolstation with my 76kg of luggage when I saw a RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police – the ones that ride horses in the old days in red uniforms) van turn into the petrolstation.

I stopped him and told him about my dilemma and wondered if he had any great suggestions about how I could get myself up to the mountain. I told him about the drunk cabdriver and he just nodded and smiled, since it was him, I found out later, that booked him for drunkdriving.

He made some calls but without success. He told me that if I was around in an hour when he got back, he himself could give me a ride up. So I stayed at the petrolstation and chatted with the people there for a while and it came down to that I bribed a girl $20 for her to drive me up. She turned over to her boyfriend (who was one of the two behind the counter at the petrolstation) and asked if she could. *smile* 5minutes later we were on our way to Panorama Mountain Village.

It took about 30minutes for us to get there, she drove quite slow since we had deers and other wildlife looking at us from the sides of the road.

In Invermere there were no snow, just som frost. But halfway up the road to Panorama, the winter had come and 40-50cm of snow had covered everything. The road up was going on the sides of ravines and in places it was very scetchy driving. At about 23.30 MST she stopped at the Central Check In (my to be workplace) and I went in and got the welcoming package, a swipecard for the gyms, hot tubs and a room number. Horsetheif 309.

He showed me on a map how to get there and we drove around the resort a bit and after finding a garage I unloaded and payed the girl $20 for the help.

After some hard work getting my luggage through the snow, I found out that I were at the 900 building, not the 300 hundred… Fun times… *smile* so I started to walk through the snow with all my bags and ended up going with one bag at a time for about 500m through the thick snow. Fun times, specially in the middle of the night, not at all tired after the long trip. After awhile there were a girl and a guy standing on a balcony smoking, so I asked them if that was 309. The guy answered “yea it is” in a broad accent I so recognized! He was an Aussie! Then I replied, that’s great! He asked if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.. I quickly replied that it was a really good thing, and that I was his new roommate..

They came down and helped me up with my luggage and we greeted; Will and Nadja. Both Aussies, from Sydney. They were the only one left after their party earlier that night and they were abit tipsy *Smile* good times ;))

I was not that tired but quite worn from the 36hours of barely any sleep, they offered me a beer (their last one) but I said no thanks. But after some negotiations they kind of pursueded me to have that beer and before you knew it the clock had ticked to 6am MSTand we were all a bit tipsy. We had quite a nice time and the bonding during that morning have proven to be that absolute best way I could have started my trip here at Panorama Mountain Village since I immediately got two friends.

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