Panorama – 18th-23rd November 2006

November Stories

18th to the 23rd of November 2006


– The saturday was quite long, since I didn’t have to much to do, so I just walked around the village to get a feel for the place and so that I could find my way around it as well.

061119 –

The sunday was even longer and I soon got quite boored since there’s nothing really you can do. I went into Invermere to shop for some groceries and got a ride down the mountain quite easy and got it explained to me where to shop, where to go to catch a ride up again the easiest way. Priceless information, all free ;)) The second car up stopped and picked me up, it turned out to be Peter, manager for the resturants on the hill. (Good guy to know!)


– started work training. Monday today and we got an introduction to Housekeeping and a grand tour of the resort. We went into many of the different appartments and hotellrooms so we could see the different qualities af accomodation we have to offer the guests.


– Tuesday we had to go with the Housekeepers and clean rooms, making beds, vacuum and other housekeeping stuff.


– Wednesday – introduction of the Panorama Resort and our manager Amanda. She’s very nice and has a soft way about her. She’s a year younger than me, brunett and about 175cm tall and a local girl. We also meet the other crew that will work Front Desk, three Kiwis, one Australian, one canadian and a Swede ;)) Rob – New Zeeland (Lawyer), Andrew – New Zeeland, Rachel – New Zeeland, Haley – Qld, Australia, Kailey – Ontario, Canada and then me. We also have a few “old” Front Desk Agents, like my new friend Nadja (Sydney, Australia), Dawn – Canadian and a few more.


Well it all started fairly well and with alot of stories to tell already.

I do have a few issues already, I have problems sleeping. Only getting 4-5hours worth of sleep every night and wakes up about 3-4-5am in the mornings. Tried to go to bed later, but been so tired that I totally nodded when watching TV or read a book. So yesterday, I went to bed after work at about 4pm, set the alarm so it would ring after an hour worth of rest. I woke up just after 9pm!! I went up, got dressed and went for a walk. Ended up at the CCI (Central Check In), and keept Nadja company, her last hour of work.

After getting back home at about 10pm (22.00) everybody were at sleep! So I took my laptop and started wring down stuff that had happened during the short while I’ve been here so I can post it on my website and also pre-write some emails so I can send them of as soon as I get a Wireless connection going.

I did go back to sleep at about midnight and woke up around 4am but didn’t go up until 5am and now it’s 6am. Work starts at 9am everyday.

Finally I got some sleep, 5hours yesterday and another 4 this morning, that’s what I needed!

Ohh I haven’t told you about the place I’m currently at. It’s a junkhole. No beating around the bush. It’s so unclean, it’s downright filthy. Cupbord doors, trashed, sofa trashed, holes in the walls fron people kicking and hitting the wals with different things. Not really what I had in mind. One of the reasons I have had trouble sleeping was that the bunkbed, was so wriggley that I woke up as soon as the guy under me turned over, and I him when I turned over. We had maintainence nailed the bed to the wall and now it’s really stable. Next issue was the matress, it’s super hard and not very comfy at all. I know that I am a bit spoiled, my new bed at home costs about $3000 and it’s charm! Really like day and night. I just taken some photos of this place so you too will understand where I’m coming from.

I have spoken to Charly Ion (responsable for staff housing) and he said he would look into it and after the 1st of December he could start shuffling people around. I am not that picky, I could deal with it for a while but I feel I need a higher level of standard to be satisfied.

I already made more money doing Herbalife, than I have working at the front desk here in Canada. 5cans of formula 1 has been sold and more will come. they are about $42 each so that equals about $200. I ordered som Lift-Off as well, and they already said that could be interesting.

Alright enough for now..

Lots of powder and love from Stefan

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