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15th December 2006

From Alpine Conditions at “Fresh, deep powder over the entire mountain. Snow conditions are outstanding! Taynton Bowl is closed today for avalanche control but it will be open tomorrow with exceptional powder.”

On the Snow Report today: “25cm overnight and 50cm in the last three days!

Stefan below Elmo

The skiing and riding is just outstanding – deep, light powder everywhere you turn. Taynton Bowl is closed today for avalanche control work. The Extreme Dream Zone is now open and it’s deep!”

What more can I contributre? I am living life to the fullest! I had two just downright amazing days of skiing with loads of that deep, deep fluffy stuff called Champange Powder. I am in heaven!

If you were here, hearing a CrAzY Swede coming down the hill yelling “Yiihaaa” and singing “That’s the way, ah ha, ah ha, I like it!” that would have been me! *laugh!*

Wish you all were here to enjoy!

Lots of love!


17 December 2006 – One month in Canada

Hello Friends,

I am celebrating one month in Canada today! Jesus what time flies!!

I am currently sitting in my softpants and hoody in my bed with a sore throat, perhaps coming down with something bad… :S

I have eaten all my vitamins and stuff but I suppose so much people in a so confined area as the resort must result in exchange of bacteria and virus.

First month have been extraordanary… lots of parties, lots of walking around, and since the 8th when the resort opened, lots of skiing. It has been awesome, fun and exciting!

Canada is in a nice shaddow of big brother US, but still in the forefront in many things. However much is also behind, you can clearly see the differens between a market driven country and country who is just “tagging along” for a ride

Europe and esp Sweden, has come a long way in many ways, environmentally, socially and technically. I can clearly see the difference after just a month here.

Talking about the environment, I just need to tell you all to go and watch a movie/documentary produced by former Vice President to Bill Clinton of the USA, Mr AL Gore. His movie is called The Incvonvienient Truth Please get a copy, see it and do something about your life to contribute!

I thoroughly hope that you all enjoy the about 480 pictures uploaded during this month! That’s 16pictures per day so far!! (Jesus, I am lucky it is a digital camera!!).

I am going to visit the Wolfs and the Wolfcenter and take heaps of photos too…

My plan is for the winter to go snowmobiling, go Heliskiing and get my business up and running (and yes, RUNNING not walking or crawling!).

Al’right… catch you all a bit later!


Stefan on the way to Invermere Stefan and some deer

28 Decmeber 2006 – Skiing movies

Hey People,

Just figured out that the movies from my digital camera is of okey quality and made a few clips. Not edited at all, just raw clips..

Either click on the links on that linkpage or Right Click and Save As… (the last way you can get fullscreen movies)

It’s not Steven Spielberg, but Stefan Spielen-among-di-bergen smiley

Enjoy! Stefan

Stefan at View of 1000 Peaks Caution Avalanche Danger

29 December 2006 – Mmmmmmmm oral-pleasure


well, it’s not as bad or dirty as you may think… but I did have an oral-orgasm just now… and I just felt I had to share.

In Sweden we have something called Peppercookies… they are thin crispy cookies with ginger, pepper and some other spices and they are served in the wintertime, from let say, oktober through february or even longer. You can get them during summertime as well, but in the winter it’s a hugh tradition to have these marvelous cookies together with either a beverage called must or glögg. The first one is made from malt and other good things and got a perculiar but very nice flavour (no alcohol) and the other is a spiced redwine served heated.

I went to town (Invermere) today and I found some peppercookies!! The saying about these cookies are that if you eat them you become nice, but if you have too many, you get stubborn.

I will get even more stubborn coz 2/3 or a package is already in my tummy! Jesus, it was a nice oral experience!! 😉

For the North Americans that read this who want to try (you should) should look for “Anna’s – Swedish Biscuits with Ginger”

And just now, I found aout a bit more about these cookies, that we in Sweden has traditionally eaten this cookie for over 500years. It was already in year 1444 that the nuns in Vadstena convent baked and consumed ginger bread to aid their digestion. King Johan II who ruled Sweden from 1497-1501, was prescribed gingerbread by his physician, since he was frequently in a bad mood and it was generally thought that eating ginger bread made you feel happy.

Anna´s recipe is a well-preserved secret containing the traditional spices cinnamon, ginger and clove.

If interested to know more:

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