Panorama – Summery of 2006

Summery of 2006 and little more…

It is really unbelivable what has happened!

The last couple of years have really been amazing. It has been hard work, blood, tears, some swearing and a few arguments but when I look back it is amazing.

I was telling my mum just before Christmas over the phone that it is pretty cool what I have accomplished on such short time.

The background of this is all in my backinjury I got in Canada the last time. About four years ago I remember a sad spring day I got back home from rehab training on the brink of crying. My parents were as they normally were at that time of the day in the kitchen having their afternoon coffee after coming back from their work. I sat down and we started talking about what had happened at the rehab and I told them that the nurses and doctors didn’t think I would ever get a 100% with my backinjury, I was really sad, I couldn’t keep my tears running down my cheeks, I went to my room and I cried for hours and my parents didn’t know what to do or say, my dad just sat beside me with his hand on me as comfort.

A couple of months later I moved to my own place and I was scraping by financially. A few months it was so bad I had contact with the social agency for financial aid. I thought I had hit rock bottom. Physically unable to do any kind of lifting or sitting for longer periods of time, no work = no income. These were no fun times.

I got better and better, I got help with training programs and I went three times a week, better diet through my Herbalife products and I started to listen and read personal development books, meeting people that has made a world of a difference to me, to make me the person I am today.

I got a job at Securitas which I later quit for a another better paid job as a salesman. This is where I started the year of 2006.

I bought my nicest car so far just after Christmas 2005 a Mazda 323F 1996. It was really nice and I like driving it a lot.

I also went to a conference with the sales company called Rockfort / NCH in january where I was appointed “Salesman of the month for November” after only 6weeks in the company (what were the rest of the people doing??) I stayed in Stockholm for an extra day to attend a Herbalife KickOff meeting. It was actually the best meeting I ever attended, I got so inspired and so full of energy that I believe it could be one reason it has turned out so good in 2006.

Another part of 2006 is the military. The National Guards’ Rapid Deployment Unit who I am the 2nd in command. March had the exercise that we will remember for years to come called CC07 in Revinge.

The week later, I was sent to Fast Track meeting in Copenhagen with NCH / Rockfort to be able to become future leader within the company. From Copenhagen I drove to Sturup Airport outside Malmö and flew down to Val Disére, France to do some skiing with my buddy Anders.

Friday the 5th of May my life took a new turn, when I met Daniel Lundin at ICA. We went around in the warehouse and it all ended with an employment starting on the following monday.

During this time I also totally renovated my appartment, new kitchen, new layout (broke down walls and everything).

I had also time to celebrate my friend Anders’ 40th, my mums 50th (in Copenhagen) and my sisters 30th birthday!

Then in July I went on my third overseas trip. this time it was time to go to Greece and Athens.

And November 17th the plane lifted for the fifth trip overseas during the year of 2006. So to summerize the year has been all about travelling, working and putting seeds into the ground and trying the best to nurture them so they grow, prosper so I later can reap the fruit of all work.

I learnt that nothing comes for free. But if you saw, you will reap!

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