Panorama / Banff – January Stories

13 January – Thoughts about Banff

Well, why not?

Banff is really positioned very nicely, 1.5h from Calgary with all it’s amenities and services, it has about 10.000 people living here and Jamie said it’s a friendly town, everybody knows everybody.

It’s a metropolitan for adventures that I thuroughly enjoy, the mounaineering, the skiing, the climbing, the iceclimbing, the caving, the hiking, rafting, canoeing, dogsledding, you name it, you can do it..

It’s a bit commercialized, wich I believe will be good for for my business, employment oppertunities are great..

Not to forget… it’s documented as one of the most beautiful areas in the world!

jeeees, twist my arm and I might think about it!

Things happen for a reason and I believe this happens to me coz I am worth it, I have paid the price for this success in life.

I think I will accept the offer from Jamie and move here in end of february. Still looking for other oppertunities within Parks, oil industry and so forth… see what happens.

It feels really satisfying to have got this sorted and I can just enjoy the last 5-6weeks at Pano with my good friends at Horsetheif 309 where it all began and everybody else, things always come to an end, so something else can start.

Am I doing the right thing?

Banff Avenue Rockies Map Stefan @ Lake Louise

Lake Louise Ski Resort

13 January – Local excursions

Well, after a great night sleep I woke up and thought “now that I scored a job in Banff – the whole aim of my trip, what should I do now?”. I thought, lets do the tourist things, a great way of see the sights and sounds around Banff.

So I went to the Front Desk and Jamie were there and he gave me some great hints of places to go. The Cave and Basin, the Bow River Falls and Banff Springs Hotell.

Cowboy and Indian Fort Cave and Basin Stefan @ the top entrance hole

The Cave and Basin

This is the whole reason why we are here today. Here in Banff. Banff would not exist if it hadn’t been for this place.

It started with three railway workers that accidently found a hole in the ground. They where trying to make money by building a hotel and give tours of the found hotsprings. After a few legal battles the Canadian government decided to make the whole area a protected area and thus forming Canada’s first National Park. The hole in the ground is still there today and you really get the feeling of how things looked back then.

Insaide the Cave

Another World Heritage Area to cross of my list of visited areas!

Bow River Falls & Fairmount Banff Springs Hotell

It was really a nice walk along the shoreline. The falls themselves where frosen so they were not that impressive. Will be cool to see them in the summer!

From the falls there were only a short walk to the very impressive and the oldest hotelbuilding in western Canada, the Fairmount Banff Springs Hotell. When you go in it is absolutly stunning!!

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotell Inside the Banff Springs Hotell Inside the Banff Springs Hotell

While I was there, there was two seperate weddings and what a place to be for a wedding!

After the long walk and an eventful afternoon, I treated myself with a hot chochlate and a cookie.

Brownie and a Hot Choclate

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

$20.000 to spare? Fossile found about 350.000million years old! Stefan outsiden Banff Springs Hotel

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