Panorama / Banff – January Stories

14 January – Tunnel Mountain Hike

After checking out the nightlife here in Banff last night I woke up this morning at 1030 and looked outside. Yesterday it had been a bit misty and some snowfall (about a cm o two) but today the sun was again shining like crazy and I thought about was Jamie told me about Tunnel Mountain and thought, that could be a good thing to do today.

I had my usual great breakfast containing of a Herballife shake and some supplements. I got ready for a great day in the outdoors. I headed down to the Front Desk to get a few pointers from Jamie on how to get there…

After being equipped with a map and some directions I were on my way.

Banff - Tunnel Mountain

It was bitingly cold and I first thought I might have chosen the wrong clothing for the trip, but I was to stubborn to turn around and change. The -25C was really chewing on my cheeks and chin, but I thought “nothing warms like heat from inside” so it was just to increase the tempo to get the heat up. After about 10min walk I found a shortcut… straight up it looked like… and yes it was steep and yes I got the heat up quite quickly. The short cut ended at the access road that is closed during the winter months. I followed the road until I found the next sign pointing up on a smaller trail where the head of the trail where located.Banff - Tunnel Mountain

The trail were very meandering and I liked the signs about not shortcutting, since that increase erosion. The cold and the wind was not making life so pleasant, but in some places where the wind could not get to me, especially on the lower mountain among the trees it could be quite pleasant and almost spring-like conditions with the heating rays from the all gazing sun.

Banff - Tunnel Mountain

I made my way up the mountain in a steady pace and thought to myself that I would like to be in such physical shape by the summer that I actually could run up this trail without stopping.

It was a great hike, where I could stop and think alot of what I should do with the whole jobsituation at Panorama and such. I ahve now decided that I would like to give it a go, here at Hidden Ridge in Banff.

I took some 60 odd pictures and a few movieclips and I hope you enjoy them and get to experience it all in the comfort of your home.

Banff - Tunnel Mountain

Tonight there is a Avalanche movie held here in town, free of charge that I will attend and before that, I will have a chat with Jamie and Janette about a future position for Best of Banff and Hidden Ridge Hotel.

Keep chcking back, it’s exciting times right now!!

Cross your fingers for me and see you all on the flipside!

Banff - Tunnel Mountain Banff - Tunnel Mountain Banff - Tunnel Mountain

15 January – Skiing Sunshine Village

Hey People!

Well the last day of my Banff experience weekend has come to an end. It was full skiing and aww-amazement! The views as you might see on the pictures are just stunning, filled with content and amazement. I had some nice pictures and views of Mount Assiniboine where I would love to climb and hike this summer.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures and are just stunned as I am by the views!

BC / Alberta Border View from summit towards Mt Assiniboine National Park Stefan out in the mountains

Mount Assiniboine Nice lighting!

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