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070120 – The call…

The phone rang today and what I was told and what I was offered is just too good to be true…
As you might have read I spent 4days in Banff last weekend and I really had a splended time. I was also on a job interview at Hidden Ridge where I slept. The manager liked me that much that he made the call today, after crunching numbers and cleared everything with Janette (the General Manager) he offered me the same job as I have now, with basically the same salary (only a few cents less), many of the same perks, and a few perks that are way better than today.
I had told them that my firend Anders was coming over in February to ski for two weeks and I wanted to wait to after he had gone home again before I moved. Today during the call, Jamie asked how much I was paying for his accomodation and lifttickets here… after sorting that out, he said,

“as you might understand, we would like you to come earlier and we are willing to accomodate your friend’s stay here in Banff at a similar rate as you have at Pano, and hook him and you up with skipasses valid for ALL THREE skihills here in Banff”

Are these guys keen to get to know me and have me working for them or what? *BIG SMILE*

I just sent an email to Anders about this offer and I sincerely hope he accepts it and I hope that I can cancel the reservations of transportation, accomodation and skitickets here at Pano without any hassels.

If everythings sorts out I will be out of Pano within the week!
Best of Banff is the 16th Best Workplace of the Year - 2006

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