Banff – My Birthday!

My Birthday 14 March

I am just loving life here in Banff, yesterday on my birthday my two bosses, Janette the General Manager and Jamie, the Front Office Manager and I went out for dinner… and what a dinner!!

Menu looked like this:

To Start – Tossed green salad with our Grizzly House Dressing.

The Appetizers – Neuchâtel (cheese) fondue.

Main Course – Exotic Fondue Dinner – Shark, Alligator, Rattlesnake, Ostrich, Frog Legs, Buffalo and Venison 7oz portion.

For dessert – a chocolate fondue with melted Toblerone chocolate and fresh fruit.

For drink a red Cab/Merlot wine from the Niagra Falls.

It was one of the best meals I ever had and ofcause on of the most exotic!

Jamie was really ill, but got into town just so he could attend the dinner, and after that finished, me and Janette went to the Saltlik for a couple of drinks and some good D&Ms (Deep and Meaningfulls).

0230 in the morning I was dropped of at home and woke up about 6h later right awake… the only thought I had in my mind was “I just wanna sleep!” ;))

A super big thanks to my two friends and bosses for making my special day a nice evening!

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