The Bucket List


The last couple of weeks,or perhaps even month and half have been a trail period for me.
I started doubting my choices in life about moving to Canada and that whole thing. I guess it feels so far away and the last time I was in Canada it was with mixed emotions.

The feeling of not moving anywhere and of having no wind in my sails are frustrating at best for an individual like me that loves speed and success.

But everything goes in cycles, everything that goes down must come up and the other way around.

Today I saw the movie “The Bucket List”.

Basically it’s two old men ending up in the same room in the hospital and both getting the verdict of terminal cancer and a prognoses of 6months of life.
One of the men are a average Joe, married to the same womanand gone to the same work his whole life . The other man was a billionaire and actually owned the hospital (and more). The average man wrote a Bucket List for things to do before he died and the rich man realized how wonderful this was and they started out on a journey together.

The underlying meaning in the movie changed my attitude towards Canada and my future!

The meaning I got across from the movie said that the whole life will pass by like the snap of the fingers. I do not want to end up in that rocking chair on my porch thinking “I should have done that, or I could have done this”. All those ‘could’a, would’a, should’a” will be erased by the time I get that old.

I lead a rich life with loads of adventures and experiences so far in life, and there is no reason why that should stop just because I passed my first 30 years.

The first 20 was the schooling years, then, of the following ten, have almost seven years been spent overseas.

It’s quite confusing right now, since I BADLY want to buy a house, settle down and start perhaps a family, maybe not children just yet, but finding Her with the big H and travel, but still have the house to come back to as a basecamp of some sort. What makes it confusing is that I want to settle but also travel. Perhaps this an emotional settlement I would need, i.e. finding her that I will live the rest of my wonderful life with.

Anywho, I am rambling and I am tired…

16weeks left before departure to Canada…

I haven’t even dared thinking about what I will do if the VISA is not positive and processed in time. I am going in September either way, and will do the US road trip. After coming back to Vancouver I have to make a decition if things haven’t gone my way.

Since I already have had two VISAS to Canada, one student visa and one working holiday visa, I am already miles ahead of the rest since I am already in the system.

Cross your fingers and send your positive thoughts for a quick process!

Talk to you all soon!

Take care of yourselves and your friends, Stefan

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