Sunshine Boys – Lucky Reflections

Monday night me and a friend went to Charles Dickens to grab a couple of beers after work and chat about stuff, just catching up and a nice “after-work” kind of deal.

We both realized that we both have led a pretty adventurous, successful and lucky lives.

I am not writing this to brag, in fact my website (, my picasa site ( and my newest addition the youtube page ( are neither for bragging, it’s some kind of therapy, a diary of my life, a blog, a ‘puke-bag’, if you wish, of my feelings, experiences and place where I can put stuff so I don’t have to carry it all in my head. It is NOT put online for show and brag.
It is put online coz I understand I lead a life that is not a very common way to live a life. In some aspects not even socially accepted, or even less understood, even by friends and family.

But as I have learnt through courses, books and seminars in personal development, leadership and such that 10% of the people on this planet have or are in charge of 90% of the wealth and thus power. Also interesting to note is that 3% of the worlds’ population are the CEOs, directors, top managers and leaders that are rich. This means that one cannot lead a life like the other 97% if you want to fly with the eagles instead of play with the ducks. One have to be different, to get there…

Believe you me, that I have learnt that one cannot buy happiness. Money cannot give you love. But I have been fortunate enough to get a flavour of the lifestyle one can lead if one is economically free, more about this later in the note. A friend and mentor that is a multimillionaire (in euros) taught me her saying that goes:

“Money is not everything, but is the key to the rest”.

This is so true, when I was down on society’s floor with a broken back, broken persona and without any hope for the future after loosing everything, a beautiful girlfriend, my career and most importantly my health, I realized many things and every bill that came in with the mail made me just so much sadder.

This is many years ago, and things have turned in many dramatic ways but I will always remember those couple of hard years and that makes me enjoy the fruits of the success so much more.

Perhaps this is what teachers say to all their classes when they go separate ways, but as I finished third grade out teacher told us that this class is one that she will remember with joy for the rest of her life. Same went for the teacher when finishing the 6th grade and 9th grade and while finishing the 12th in junior high they told us that we were the best natural science class they had in a long time with great teamwork within the class.

While in the military that started a few months after that, they called our platoon “the sunshine boys” coz we had the warmest summer in 30years or something and barely rained for the 15months we were there. When it actually did rain, the kicked us out to march, run or anything outside just to get us wet. *smile*.
When we had finished our end of term exercise our mortar platoon was elected the best mortar platoon in Sweden for that year by the Head Quarters in all areas (Army, Navy (Marines) and Airforce).

After doing my service I went to Australia to do a Bachelor of Science. No one in my entire family had gone to University before and even less people that gone to the other side of the planet to do it.
While there, I could feel a wave of success pushing me forward, like being “in the zone” as we say in sports. I didn’t dare to leave Oz until I finished because of this feeling. It was great, and was a moral and mental booster.
So great that I got elected to play for Qld state team in the Nationals in In-line hockey, and in the Nationals being elected to represent the national team in both the Oceania championships and the World championships.

After realizing that lab-work was not really intriguing enough, not stimulating and adventurous enough I started writing a list of stuff I wanted to do, hiking, rafting, kayaking, climbing, mountaineering and such and put that into Google.
A program in Canada popped up several times called Mountain Activities Skills Program. I applied and got into one of the 24 seats they offered and after many countless calls to CSN (Swedish studyboard) I got the program and school accepted to get student loans, the day before I left on the plane (!!!) to be able to go. Almost 100.000 Swedish krona worth of equipment was purchased by then so that was kind of a relief. :))

This adventure tourism program was hard work physically, but I learnt quick and got up to speed quite soon.
At the end of that program that’s where it happened. During the winter (best winter in Fernie for MANY MANY years, with 16m of snow!) we skied a lot and since I am from the southern parts of Sweden and I spent 8days in total on skis, needless to say I fell quite a lot, I didn’t mind it as much as the instructors. I had quite fun actually, since it was DEEP POWDER snow of the lightest champagne type. But this falling over all the time caused my disks to start swelling and bulging to the point that later while whitewater rafting I collapsed with agonizing pain on the bare ground and couldn’t stand up.

This started a series of events that ultimately led to the point I described earlier.

While back in Sweden doing rehab and sooner work at Securitas transporting money everywhere, I was lucky to be changed from one car to another and thus be diverted away from being robbed on 2.5million krona while driving that car I was supposed to. Also I quit my job on a Wednesday and on the Thursday the car I was assigned to was robbed on many many millions of kronas. Twice I was spared from being robbed.

Few years later I went back to Canada again (late 2006) and went to work in Panorama Mountain Resort and that year was the best snow year in the Rockies in over 30years!

In February the friend, I went to have a few beers with, came over to Canada to visit and went heli-skiing for the first time for both of us. The guide with 15years as a heli-ski guide said that that day with 30cm of fresh overnight, 30-35cm of fresh the day before and even more during the week, he said that rating that day of skiing out of ten, not as a heli-skier, but as a guide with 15years experience, he would rate, if 10 was Nirvana, as 9.5 out 10.
We got 7 runs in this wonderful area!

Then I moved to Banff and Hidden Ridge Resort, where I soon became Supervisor at the Front Desk (after merely 10days of work) and after three months I became the highest payed Supervisor in the whole company of eight hotels and five restaurants.

Then got a job as a Field Biologist in Argentinian Patagonia that was unfortunately out of sync with me. Not sure why, will perhaps never understand why, but I had to leave of my back giving me issues (it use to do that when I am heading down the wrong trail).

And after I came home I got offered four jobs within a week and today I am 14weeks and 6days away from my departure back to Canada. Most importantly the road trip of a lifetime!

I am happy that I have had the ability to lead a life like this and that is why I want to share it online for those who wants to read it, view the pictures and vids.

Many more crazy stories and pictures are guaranteed from this guy aka The Crazy Swede.

If you have read this far, you are either a silly person or a stalker hahahaha

Take care of yourself and your friends and remember, if you are climbing the ladder of success, be kind to people on the way up, then they will be kind to you if you fall down!

Later boys and girls!

Kilo Tango, OUT

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