Banff – Panorama – Fernie – Waterton NP

Banff – Panorama – Fernie – Waterton NP

Alright, to sum things up at the same time I am trying to upload my videoclips (which seems to take forever!!)

Started a couple of days ago in Banff and I must admit that I was a bit nervous!

But the first two camps have been absolutly gorgeous, I been sleeping in the back of the car for both nights and it works really well.

It has been 11-12C in the mornings when I wake up, the first night I slept like 6-7hours and woke up at 3am and last night I slept 11hours, no wonder since I been on speed for three whole days, the body will compensate in one way or another.

Right now I am in Pincher Creek in the foothills of the Rockies, so I started in Banff driving west over the Rockies into the Purcells, following the valley south between the mountain ridges and crossed over the Rockies at Crowsnest Pass.

I met up with some friends both in Banff and in Pano and had some fun with them. The next known friend is at Enchanted Tower in New Mexico, I hope I will reach him before he leaves for Sweden in two weeks.

There are probably heaps of stuff to tell, but I feel a bit stressed from sitting here in a cafe with a slow internet connection trying to upload my clips and update this page at the same time some opera singer is screaming in the background on the TV…

I’ll keep you guys posted and I hope you enjoy the clips and pics that have made it up on the web!

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

Only in Banff:

Leaving Banff nervous:

Getting the bearings on the map:

Camp01 Pano:

Driving the logging roads around Pano:

Natural hotsprings at White Swan:

Rockies vs Purcells:

Stefan meets Bambi at Surveyors Lake:

Stefan talks about memories from this place:

Camp02 Outside Fernie:

Crosnest Pass:

Waterton NP and Prince of Whales Hotel:

Camp03 – Waterton NP Campgrounds:

What to bring on a hike in bear country:

Welcome to Goat Lake:

Life is booooring sometimes:

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

080905 Banff-Pano

080906 Pano-Fernie

080907 Fernie-Waterton NP

080907 Waterton NP – Hike to Goat Lake

080908 Waterton NP – Glacier NP

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