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080914 – Grand Teton Lodge

Hi guys,

I cannot believe that I been on the road for 10days already! Geeze time flies!! I get fed up with the areas fairly quickly and want on to the next fairly soon… I am not sure why, but I guess thinking back I have always been like that, longing to the next great thing on the agenda. I am pretty certain the trip will not take 10weeks, but I guess I still stick to that just in case.

From Missoula, MT I drove to south to Butte and Whitehall. Just outside I found a state park called Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park and their camp spot. It was nice and quiet.

In the morning I went to explore the caverns (pics) which was fairly nice, and I learnt some from the guide about American History.

From there I headed due east to Bozeman where I went to an A&W and got some lunch and also free WiFi and uploaded a few more movies…

From Bozeman I decided to do a long stretch for Gardinier just on the border to Yellowstone NP. I made it there by early evening and luckily there were free available campsites for me that late in the evening.

That morning I couldn’t wait to get my bum into Yellowstone. A national park that I read, studied and learnt so much about all the way back since the Australia time (1999-2001). The first national park with over 2million (yup you read correct) acres of protected land.

After getting sucked more or less into the backcountry office I met a girl with Swedish decent, of coz she barely knew from where, but she was a huge girl, not fat, just super tall and stalky…

She sorted me out with a backcountry permit and I was on my way to a place I wasn’t in the first place sure if I should go into… oh well, I didn’t want to waste the opportunity so I just went along… 1pm I was sorted and packed for the trails to Black Canyon, it was a tad late, but I figured I would make it.

To make a long story short, you don’t want to be hiking in that backcountry at dusk or dawn by yourself. The wildlife is REALLY wild and would not distinguish you from any other pray. We are talking bears, wolfs, coyotes, lynx, mountain lion, bison, buffalo, elk and many other types of animals that roam these valleys.

So when the time has reached 5pm I know I had about an hour left that I could push on, and as advised by some fellow hikers, I shouldn’t push on just to reach my designated campsite but rather take her easy and take an available one on the trail… So I did, I took the next one up after my friends had diverted to theirs…

I put the pot on for some hot water for dinner and cleaning water. I had Beef Stroganoff, it was sure nice after a long day of hiking and being in the sun.

I slept with one eye and one ear open all night, so I was dead tired and a bit frozen the day after. When starting to boil some water for the morning breakfast and hot chocolate the gas went out after a few minutes… it was luckily in sufficient temperature for both oatmeal and hot chocolate.

3.5h later I reached the trailend and it was a mere 20min hitchhiking before a guy from Slovakia picked me up and gave me ride back to Hellroaring Creek where I started my trip the day before.

I went to a campground at Lake Yellowstone for the night and picked up early since it had been freezing (3C in the car during the night) and I wanted to reach Old Faithful (the geyser) before the traffic rush.

Well that was three days spent in Yellowstone National Park and now I am just settling in at Grand Teton National Park.

I will tell you all about this park in a couple of days.

Till then, adios and take care!

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park (Camp06)

Leaving the Superman cave:

Entering Yellowstone National Park:

Rolling into Yellowstone National Park:

Hiking Yellowstone National Park – Black Canyon

Hiking Yellowstone National Park – Black Canyon – Not really what I had in mind…

Camp08 – Backcountry of Yellowstone National Park – BEARS!!!

A Night in Bear Country:

A Night in Bear Country continued…

Bisons, Bisons, Bisons and more Bisons!!

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

Yellowstone National Park

Hike02 – Black Canyon Yellowstone National Park

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