Grand Teton National Park

080915 – Grand Teton National Park

Greetings friends,

It’s a bit scared, yet confused Stefan writing today.

I am back at the Lodge I went to yesterday to access the WiFi. A few more movies a bunch more pictures have been uploaded for your pleasure.

You might wonder why I was scared… Well, yet another night in bear country… It’s weird how the mind works. If you are all alone, I promise that you hear EVERYTHING, even things that are not there! 🙂 It’s like the X-files…

I was yet again sleeping with one eye and one ear open and geeze it wears you out!

On a positive note, it was absolutely stunningly beautiful campsite. Beach, fireplace, nice elevated tent site and more…

Hope you enjoy the pictures… the movies are on the way… I have uploaded until the 8th so I am getting there! ;)) Now you can view some of the clips from Waterton National Park on youtube.

Today it’s going to be loads of backcountry driving, 4WD on gravel roads and nice canyons and a summit…

Later friends!

080917 – Ogden, Utah

Well after 11days in tent/truck/open skies I checked into a super cheap hotel in Ogden, Utah (just north of Salt Lake City).

For the less than $50 I got a AC room with TV bed and bathroom and most importantly WiFi.

I set my computer to upload all the movieclips I had gathered the last week and half and this morning when I woke up all was uploaded and there are now more than 270clips for enjoyment for those who are so inclined to view my trips vlogs.

I got all my pics uploaded as well and, my mapping software and additional maps to the GPS, my iPod and computer updated at the same time.

Soon there will be an Google Earth application on my website where you actually can follow the exact trail I done throughout the western US. When I get time (read after the trip sometime) I will add geo-tags to pics and movies (locations to where the pic and movie was taken). Some movies and pics already got this now, but it will be extended substantially when I get time to do it.

Alright… I need to checkout of the motel and start heading south throught Salt Lake City and then south-east to Arches National Park

Adios amigos y amigas!

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

Rolling out fo Yellowstone and into Grand Tetons

First glimps of the Tetons

Tetons backcountry with the Xterra

Stefan scared at Jackson Lake, Camp10, Grand Tetons National Park

Exploring the backcountry of the Tetons

Getting organized at Camp11 – Grand Tetons National Park

Where am I? Iowa, Idaho, no UTAH!!

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

080914 – Grand Tetons National Park

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