Grand Canyon NP – North and South Rim


After being out on the roads for close to twenty days, going through some spectacular countryside andseveral canyons, the awe-experience I expected from the Grandest canyon of them all was hyped up.

When I got to the North Rim, I was surpriced to seethick forests and lot cooler air and I must say I was excited!

When I went out to actually see the canyon… I was not blown away as much as I thought I would have been.. This could be due to me seeing so many canyons before the climax of the grandest of the all, so perhaps my weeks leading up to me standing there on the edge of the Grand Canyon had dulled the excitement and expectations.

I had a pleasant night in the National Forest (Camp20) just north of the North Rim and I headed up early to continue my route to the South Rim. A beautiful sunrise welcomed me and beautiful photos and clips where taken for future memory trips.

At the south rim, I attended a seminar from a Park Ranger about the California Condor Project, a successful (yet anyway) project of saving the condor from extinction. If I remember correct, they where down to 14 adults in the entire world and now up to more than 300, so they are doing well and lets hope that they continue this fantastic progress!

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

Kanad to Grand Canyon talk:

Grand Canyon North Rim:

Angels Point Trail – Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim:

Stefan in the National Forest camping on the way to the South Rim:

Great sunrise – enroute to the South Rim:

Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim:

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim:

Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim:

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