Route66 – Hoover Dam – Las Vegas – Joshua Tree and Mojave Deserts



“It’s the longest stretch left of the historic Route 66, I suggest you take it!” said the old lady in the information centre. So I did!

Listening to country music, rolling through the farming fields on this historic highway that everybody around the world have heard about… it was something!

In the outskirts of Vegas, before Hoover dam, I arrived in a Police Checkpoint. Not too sure what they where checking for, but the young officer looked inside and looked at me and we had a laugh about camping and roadtrips. Soon I was on my way again…

I came up to Hoover dam and it was more than 30C outside, this at 18.30 (6.30pm)… I had no plans of camping at Lake Mead in that heat! So I found myself a hotel and turned on the airconditioning on max…

Needless to say, I only got a few shots of hoover dam, and Lake Mead, but in that heat I had no ambitions to fight it…

The day after I went into Vegas and walked along the strip, had a look around in the Casinos and a few hours later I was on my way out of Vegas, heading towards Joshua Tree National Park.

At this time, I had enough of the heat, the desert and the sand. So unfortunately, my stay in Vegas & Joshua Tree was briefer than I would perhaps had liked. I wouldn’t mind going back to Vegas for a weekend with proper attire and have some fun.

I spent the night in Mojave Desert National Preserve just for the sole reason I wanted to be able to say that I did *smile*

I found some nice 4wheeling trails leading me into Joshua Tree (pic) National Park. I got a bit worried for a while there due to being very low on gas, but it all turned out well in the end…

From the deserts I headed out west to the coast and Los Angeles!

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

Route 66:

Hoover Dam:


Vegas Baby!

Mojave Desert – 4wheeling:

JUST made it! Mojave Desert – 4wheeling:

At camp in Mojave Desert:

4wheeling in Joshua Tree National Park:

Just outside Joshua Tree – Keep your head down, or you’ll have it shot off!:

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

080926 – Las Vegas – The Strip:

080927 – Joshua Tree National Park:

080927 – Mojave Desert National Preserve:

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