LA – Universial Studios – Hollywood – NBC Jay Leno – Santa Monica


Not many other cities around the world are so hyped-up as the one I just came from and the one I was driving to next. Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

I stayed at the Adventure hostel, about 35min south of Hollywood. Nice comfortable place, more like a youth hostel than anything else, big pool and nice atmosphere all around.

The first day in LA I went to Universial Studios (expensive! $90) and spent almost all day there, it was fun and interesting and I think I learnt a bit about how special effects in movies are done and it seems like they are having loads of fun, the actors working there, even if it’s hard work undeniably!

The next day I went on a trip downtown LA, Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, I went up to Griffith Park to get a picture of the so famous Hollywood sign and I was invited to go to Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. It was lots of fun! Russel Crow was there talking about his next project and some comedian I haven’t heard about… Lots of fun for sure!

After the show was done, I left LA for this time. The plan was to go out to Channel Islands, but it was too expensive so I save that for another time..

I finally started driving north up the coast and enjoyed the sunset from the Pacific Coast Highway, I found Leo Carillo State Beach Campground and made that my Camp25.

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

Sunset Blvd:

Griffith Park:

Beverly Hills:

Santa Monica – Pacific Coast Highway

NBC – Jay Leno Tonight Show

Just North of LA on Pacific Coast Highway:

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

080928 – Universial Studios:

080929 – Los Angeles:

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