Redwood NP – Crater Lake NP – Coos Bay – Oregon Dunes – Portland


I am glad that I went to Sequoia National Park as well, coz Redwood State and National Parks was a bit of a disappointment. Surely the park was beautiful and the Pacific Coast Hwy offered mulitple of “Kodak Moments” but the “wow factor” was alot bigger in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

After following the coast up on Hwy 1, I headed east again, up the winding mountain roads until just before Hwy 5, where I found a cozy national forest to camp for the night.

I hit Crater Lake National Park early that day after and I had a wicked experience with a strong low-pressure system rolling in… Don’t miss to watch that clip on YouTube.

I continued my trip out of the park and got the national forest outside named Umpqua National Forest, where I set up camp for the night.

The day after I had a bit of a drive ahead of me back to the coast and Coos Bay.

When I got there I suddenly decided “humm.. I heard something about dunes.. driving on dunes…” So I found a retailer that equipped me with an OHV permit for Oregon and a flag and after deflating the tires to about half and out there on those sand dunes we went…

People was looking at my X and me like we were crazy, but we had fun, lots of fun!

I camped at one of the larger national forests sites and met some really nice people that I spent a few hours chatting to in the afternoon… They let me put my stuff in their trailer for the afternoon (it was just jumping up and down in the back while being out there).

After spending a few more hours on the dunes in the morning and driving on the beach I decided it was time to move on north.

Portland Oregon was the next city destination. Nothing really to report on this city.. nothing really attracted me to it, but I felt I needed to go there when I was in the neighborhood anyways

Needless to say, I just came into the city during the evening and left early morning…

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

Redwood State and National Parks:

Leaving California…

Snow… yiihaaa..

Temperature record and more of the white stuff…

Forests of Oregon:

Crater Lake – Low Pressure system building up right INFRONT of me.. MUST SEE!!

Crater Lake – Bad weather…

Camp35 – Cooking dinner:

My first time on the sanddunes with the Xterra:

More Oregon dunes with the Xterra:

WHAT? Put the Xterra on the side in the dunes in Oregon!?

Yeeehaaa… Dune driving

Dune driving in Oregon…

Water hazards on the dunes

Time of your life… on the beach..

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

081010 – Siskiyou National Forest

081010 – Clearwater Falls – Umpqua National Forest

081010 – Crater Lake National Park

081011/12 – Dune driving – National Forest Oregon

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