Mt St Helens – Mt Rainer – Seattle – Vancouver and the road back to Bow Valley


I headed northeast towards Mt St Helens National Volcanic Site and State Park, when I got to the visitorcentre it was all cloudy and they adviced me not to go up the LONG (>100km) drive up to see some gray clouds and then drive the same road all the way back…

So I decided quickly to proceed to Mt Rainier National Park in the chase to bag more national parks to my lists of “visited”.

Unfortunately the visitor centre was closed and there was absolutely nothing to do there, so I had unfortunately driven into the fog and bad weather in vain.

It was beautiful there, of what I could see at least..

Since it was closed and the fog was tight, I headed further north to another city that I liked fairly quickly, Seattle!

It was time to find out how things would develop with my permanent residence application for Canada!!

So here it goes…

Everyone knows that I had some issues with a girl last year. That came back to bite me AGAIN in a way that I never thought was possible.

I left Hidden Ridge so I could get out of town to breath and get my mind other things. Unfortunately I left about 2weeks before I had completed my first year of employment.

This is the essential detail in this whole ordeal.

Canadas Immigration process is based upon points and you need 67points to pass. I had done that test many times online, and passed. But these two weeks that I was missing made me loose 10points that put me at 61points and she could be kind and give me another 5points that would land me at 66points, but negotiating with her boss about first giving me additional points on a weak reason and then argue for the missing point was unfortunately too far fetched.

Bottom line: I have three options.

1. Get married to a Canadian girl (anyone??) ;))
2. Getting a provincial nomination from a company.
3. Go back to Sweden and gather12month consecutive work experience in a supervisor or managerial role then RE-apply and wait for another 12-18months before the visa goes through… I listed the options in the order of time it would take for me to achieve a “legal immigrant status”

… yes, so there you have it…

So I am sticking around Banff over the weekend and see if I can sort number 2 out with my old employer (Banff Caribou Properties).

If that goes down the drain, I will be forced to leave and continue working in Sweden…

From Seattle I drove north over the border with many thoughts going through my head, thinking about what I should do and such..

I drove more or less non-stop Seattle to Kamloops and as you can judge from the movieclips, there was much to ponder about…

The day after I reached Banff and later Canmore to finish of my official roadtrip…

YouTube clips from this part of the trip includes:

081014 – 01 – Mt Rainier National Park – Foggy

081014 – 02 – Mt Rainier National Park – Visitor Centre Closed

081014 – 03 – Mt Rainier National Park – Ponderings

081014 – 04 – 10000km just south of Seattle

081017 – 01 – Into the puddles with the Xterra

081017 – 02 – The verdict on my Permanent Residence Visa Application

081017 03 Stefan at a reststop making dinner and talking about the new XTerra

081018 01 Stefan pondering in the sunrise

081018 02 Stefan driving through Glacier National Park in BC

081018 03 Stefan just passing Rogers Pass and talks about Avalanche tunnels

081018 04 Stefan sees the rainbow just ahead of himself

081018 05 Stefan back in the Bow Valley pondering about stuff

Picture Galleries from this part of the trip includes:

081014 – Mt Rainier National Park

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