Career Developments – Not so great news…

I am writing to you in big disappointment.

I feel I must tell someone about this…

The 3rd of Feb I got a call from the recruiter saying that he couldn’t wait ten weeks for the Labour Market Opinion (LMO) and work permit to go through and said he couldn’t offer me a position even if you had received a great impression on me, but I advised him that it was a matter of 3 to 4weeks to process a permit.

After not hearing much, I wrote the 10thof Feb that “If it is only the processing time of the paperwork (LMO) that is stopping you from offering me a position in Edmonton as a Field Technician, I am willing tovolunteer(without salary) for the period it will take for the LMO and work permit to be processed. This way I would be able to start at the same time as everyone else and not fall behind in any training.”. Brad replied a few hours later that he would talk to the IOL group the day after (11th) and get back to me after that.

When I didn’t hear anything from the recruiter for a week, I took initiative the 17thof Feb and called him. I got a verbal job offer from him then and as you might understand, I was the happiest guy on the planet. This is a job opportunity that I have been waiting for, for a very long time and I thought that my career and life could finally get started.

I was aware that the government would take about 3-4weeks to process the paperwork and I was expecting to start early to mid-March or absolutely the latest 1stof April.

During the following two weeks I made arrangements for an apartment and spent money on getting organized before the move to Edmonton. Then the 3rdof March I got an email from Brad stating that they put a hold on my application.

When speaking to the recruiter today the 6th, he mentioned that he didn’t think an application for a work permit would go through. This tells me that the recruitment office haven’t even sent an application in (takes about an hour to fill out and fax), that I thought they would have done two weeks ago. I believe it should be up to the government to decide weather or not they need more skilled foreign workers (and I read that they are still in need for that and that a permit wouldn’t be a problem to get, especially since I already received four visas for Canada and me being in the system in good standing).

I do understand that Golder is not without influence from the world economy and recession and that there are probably lots of reasons for this hold.

With this letter I wanted to let you know that despite thedisappointmentof the handling, long processing times from the recruitment office and the revoking of the offer, I am still interested in taking a position as a field technician withGolderat the Edmonton office when that comes available.

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