Career Developments – cont. – THIS BOY STAYS IN CANADA!!!

Greetings friends,

Well for some of you it’s no news that it wasn’t working out on my job at Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge. Today Sunday the 8th we came to a common agreement that it wasn’t working out for either part, so went our seperate ways.

I met some very cool friends during my brief time at the company and it felt okay to leave at this time since my Norwegian friends left a week ago and my German friends a few days ago so it feels the chapter was coming to an end either way.

As the Norwegian coach, that stayed with us, told me; “Don’t stay too long at a job you don’t like, life is too short for that!”

It’s been an absolutely fantastic couple of days here in Bow Valley, and the next couple of days will be very interesting indeed.

Since I am officially unemployed at this time, I can reveal that I am waiting for a call from a company that I still want to keep un-named, tomorrow or Tuesday if they can sort out a Labour Market Opinion since they were “really quite interested” in hiring me. I been to two interviews already and made a great impression on them. So it all looks VERY promising but it all depends on a Labour Market Opinion and the time it will take to get a work permit…

The job is within my field of study, environmental science and it is based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The company have just secured a huge contract with a major player within the gas & oil industry for the next 10 years (=job security).

So it’s an exciting time in Stefan’s life right now… much going on and much at stake, the way we like it! This guy works best under pressure and I hope and believe that everything happens for a reason… what ever the reason seems to be.



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