Career Developments – Better news…

Hey friends!

So I went to the Job Resource Centre in Canmore in the beginning of Aprilto see my contact Amanda. Unfortunately she didn’t have any good news. But what she did make me realize was fantastic!

Many foreign workers in Canada have been laid off and I had applied for 49 jobs and hadn’t heard a thing from any of them. I found out that companies with PRE-APPROVED labour market opinions had to re-apply if they wanted to hire a foreign worker.

I then realized after getting this information that it’s not me that is doing something wrong, it’s the market.

Amanda asked if I had thought about going back to school… I said that I had once thought of becoming a Dr. Stefan one day (Ph.D) to which she replies “perhaps it’s time to do that now?”

I started looking for co-op programs from colleges in Canada (Ontario, BC and Alberta mainly) and found a few that I looked more closely at. The 7th I had narrowed down my search to three colleges in Alberta. The Ontario ones was sorted out due to lack of interest in living on the eastern side of the country, and the BC schools due to them concentrating on forestry more than oil&gas that I am interested in.
Left I had SAIT, Lethbridge College and Medicine Hat College.

The 7th of April I did a road trip to visit them all in one day. I started from Canmore 0630 and was at SAIT in Calgary by 0800, talked to them for about an hour, then onto Lethbridge and spoke to the Dean for about one hour and I must say that I liked that college a lot. When I got to Medicine Hat, I was greeted by the program coordinator and we sat down and chatted about my previous program, what I was looking for and see what my options were at MHC. We spoke for about an hour, but she had a class she had to go to, so I spent the next hour looking around the campus and paying the International Office a visit. After finishing up with them I went back to the coordinator and continued for another 2.5hours to custom make an itinerary that fitted my background and my aspirations!
Due to this attention I felt comfortable in the decision that Medicine Hat College was to be my home for two years, while studying there.
I got accepted within a week (YAY!!) and I am presently in the midst of applying for student funding and student visa.

The program is called Environmental Reclamation Technician [LINK] and runs for 4semesters. The first semester I am not eligible for a student work visa but the last three I am, plus I can get an additional three years of open work permit after the program for me to really dwelve into the Canadian gas and oil industry and start off my career!

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