College in Canada this fall… the saga continues

Ok, so CSN (the guys who gives me money to study) said that the Medicine Hat College couldn’t be funded if they didn’t have a transfer agreement set-up with a University. They are in the progress of setting this up but with all paperwork it takes time. CSN got some feed back and said they gonna investigate this for me and get back to me… (no news yet about that).

So my worry was ofcoz that I would stand without a a school to attend this fall… so what do I do? – Look, research and investigate more alternatives, different programs, different schools…

These are my prerequisites when I choose between the schools:

  • Has to be two years (only have two years left of grants from CSN & with two years of study I get three years worth of workpermit in Canada afterwards)
  • Has to have a co-op so I get the ‘foot in the door’ right away and can start working (with some luck) during and after graduation.
  • Has to have GIS and North American biology/zoology courses
  • Transfer agreement with a University so CSN agrees to pay for it.
  • Location…

So this is the program I am accepted to at Medicine Hat College dar/programs/environmental reclamationtechnician/1234.html and this is the program at Camosun College that applied to as well

IF it comes down to choosing between the two programs then I honestly do not know which one to choose… I guess I have to worry about that when the time comes anyway… That would be a pleasant situation compared to be without a college…

Pros for Medicine Hat:

  • Very attentive teacher/program coordinator that made a personal schedule for me with my previous Bachelor of Science.
  • Small class size (30people)
  • WHMIS, H2S, PST(Petroleum Safety Training), Ground Disturbance, TDG, ATV Safety, Standard First Aid, Pesticide Applicator (Ag/Industrial) – courses and certificates outside of the program
  • Graduates of the Environmental reclamation Technician program may be eligible to register as CEPIT (Canadian Environmental Practitioner in Training).
  • Being in Alberta – no GST, closer to mining, oil and gas industry etc

Cons for Medicine Hat

  • Being in Alberta (no ocean not as lush nature).
  • Small town on the prairies.

Pros for Camosun College in Victoria, BC

  • Graduates as a Environmental Technologist – become a technologist instead of technician -A new graduate can put “Grad. Tech.” after their name on business cards and later change that designation to “AscT” after they satisfy the requirement for years of work as a technologist.
  • Aquatic, marine and forest focused
  • Two work terms instead of one.
  • Small boat operation course.
  • Vancouver Island and Victoria – lush nature, ocean, mountains…

Consfor Camosun College in Victoria, BC:

  • BC + 7% GST
  • Risk of becoming on in the pile and not an individual with the instructors.

I finish as I started…. the saga continues…

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