The NEW S-MART.SE… [EDIT: 090522]

[EDIT: 090522] – Looks like the test blog is soon ready to shoulder the main site. Just have to tweak the CSS script for the calendar so it fits my colours better, other than that, the pictures are online, the movies are online the blog works as it should and the categories likewise….

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the draft of the new blog and website!
Lots still to do before it’s fully operational and takes over the prestigous spot of being the “index file” on

Here are some things I am currently working on:
Make font smaller for Heading (so the long ones will fit, and edit the REALLY long ones..)[DONE] Fill in the missing pages from main page[DONE] Test forms for feedback. (perhaps you guys could help me with this!?)[DONE] Install poll plugin (DONE) and test it…

Add a .gif logo instead of text in the top cornerPicture and movie gallery install somehow…

Known issues:
The text in all but “Canada” pages are cut off and needs to be re-done [DONE] – (EDIT 090512: Fixed, might have missed a page or two, if you find one that ends abrubtly, please email me or comment below so I can fix it!)
Picture Gallery [DONE – 090522]& Movie Gallery [DONE – 090517] needs it’s Javascripts to be tweaked to fit the blog-software

This post will be edited during the set up and trials… Feel free to comment!


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