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Greetings mobsters!

Where to begin?

Well since the last post I decided to go with Camosun College in Victoria, BC. It was not an easy choice, but I figured that if I chose Medicine Hat I would do my coop there, and later work there… and since I want to live at the ocean, a coop in Victoria would with good probability mean that I will work there during and after the program. The Camosun program is 1.5 semesters longer than the other, but it’s a minor concern (basically longer work terms).

CSN the Swedish student loans board, approved Camosun College and the Environmental Technology program for funding and everything is now set for a study start the 8 September 2009.

So I have started my search for accommodation since about 26.000 students are starting in the beginning of September in Victoria. (16.000 at UVic, 4.000 at Royal Roads Uni and 6.000 at Camosun). I found plenty on Craigslist and many with beautiful views. If you know of anyone with a furnished room/suite/apartment for rent, give me a howler!

About a week after last post it was the famous “midsummer celebrations” here in Sweden. I went to celebrate this with a newly acquired friend that has become more than a friend pretty quick. Her name is Catharina and you might see her in the pictures from the midsummer albumand some others. Quite recently we took the step of being more than friends and she’s now my dear girlfriend.During midsummer we spent together in Sölvesborg, we enjoyed her mum and step-dads house since they were gone on holidays. I also got the opportunity to meet her really kind dad.

While staying in the house a neighbour that was looking over the plants while the house was empty came over and of course it didn’t take long until the gossip of Catharina was having a boy over came to her mum’s attention. Last Sunday I got to meet her mum and her step-dad and I felt we got along very well! Now I just have to introduce her to my parents and sister.

One might think that it’s odd to get yourself a girlfriend six weeks before departure to Canada. Believe me, it was not at all planned, but worked out perfectly! So perfectly that this awesome girl, is as adventurous as me (in some cases even more I would say) *smile* and she wanted to go to Canada with me!

I booked my tickets today for the 18th of Aug 2009. Six weeks today. I can’t wait! The first two weeks will be spent in and around Alberta to get stuff organized, visit friends, pick up my stuff and all those kinds of things before heading off for a road trip, quite smaller than the last one, ending up in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

There are MANY beautiful spots on Vancouver Island, and it will be a true pleasure of exploring the surroundings of my newly acquired playgrounds! Hope you come with me to explore these areas, even if only on this site!

Talk more soon! Stef

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